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roadside airleaks

Only one moment of excitment ~ this time
Went up to Michigan to visit in-laws and do some hunting last week and thought I would drop the rig off in Miami on the way to get a couple things taken care of while on the way.  I needed to get the rivet issue addressed and have the other five rear air bags installed.  Normally, I would have installed them myself but I got tangled up with a table saw a couple of months ago and am still dealing with a marginally functioning left thumb.  My lovely better half doesn't like me under the rig in the first place and much less while handicapped, she insisted I hire it done.  Picked it up Tuesday morning and headed to Texas.  We were a couple hundred miles down the road coming out of a small 2 or 3 stoplight town when strange things began to happen in quick succession.  First was the drivers seat dropped an inch or two, I though "strange" but didn't really clue into it being an issue, then the ride started to change a bit.  I looked at the gauges and saw that the brake gauges were down a bit but not to a panic level yet, the supply air however was down even more and dropping slowly.  I look in my mirrors and can see that my mud flaps are beginning to drag in the back, the ride is quickly deteriorating.  I realize that I need to get off the road now, unfortunately as soon as we came out of the town the road turned to a divided 4 lane with absolutely no shoulder, the edge of the asphalt went straight to grass and then to ditch.  I told Dianna to turn on the 120v compressor to try an get as much air going as possible and she immediately starts looking for a rest stop, I know that won't be happening, I'm looking for any wide spot.  Fortunately I spot what looks like an abandoned commercial shop building with a large flat gravel area in front of it.  I shut her down and pull in.  First thing I do is check to see if I settled down on the tires, looks like the right side wore into the insulation in the wheel well about half an inch and the left barely touched it so I'm thankful for not having torn anything up at this point.  I start looking for the problem in the side engine bay, the compressor seems to be putting out pressure so I'm good there then I hear a large leak and start looking for it.  The plastic bowl on the separator mounted to the forward bulkhead of that bay split from top to bottom. Having heeded the advice of gurus here wiser than myself I had equipped my tool kit with a number of air leak repair pieces including a 3/8" union.  Bypassed the separator fired her up and she built pressure beautifully.  Made it back to Crosby with no more issues.
Jack and Dianna Hunt
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Good story about being alert and understanding how the coach works. As you know I am not a fan of those separators because they all crack, it just a matter of when. If you decide to replace it, find one with a metal bowl.

It’s nuts to me, that we use DOT fittings and air line on every part of the air system, and yet we have a frequent failure part in the system.

Rant over.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
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Great post Jack!! Apparently your coach is equipped with the “dropping driver seat” low air pressure warning device!!! Smile
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My DW's air seat air hose popped off (inside) just before entering the Mobile tunnel. She dropped like a rock and screamed! I entered the last exit like Mario as thoughts of blocking the tunnel entered my head. Pulled over and dug in my parts bin and capped off the line. Didn't have time to look at the air gauge when it happened.
I feel your pain!
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That moment of panic when all the things that could go wrong flash through your mind can be exhilarating to say the least.  I have definitely etched into the memory cells the dropping seat as a early warning to check the gauges.

Richard, where can one find the separators with metal bowls?
Jack and Dianna Hunt
Coach #663
2003 - 45' triple slide
So the quick fix was to bypass it. Can this fix be permanent, or is it a necessary part?
Guy & Sue
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I have not sourced one, but Google shows a bunch of different brands and sizes available.

I removed mine. I never once found a trace of water in it. If I am getting water that far into the system, then shame on me for not draining the tanks.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )

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