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Trying to locate the entry door override handle
I’m searching for my entry door override handle. I have looked in the basement storages over and over and cannot find it anywhere. Called Newell. The rep told me to check in the passenger side basement storage and try to find a red handle. Not there...
Mine is a 2004 #714. Does any of you fellow Gurus have any ideas? Or, perhaps mine didn’t come with one!

2004 Newell #714 
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Mine was in the passenger side storage bay next to the door located on near the top of the bay near the door. I could also go to the compressor compartment bay, first bay on the driver's side and turn the red round knob a half turn and it would relieve the pressure on the door so you could open it by hand.

Good luck,
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I have 712, front entry, my override handle is in the front storage in front of the drivers side front wheel back wall turn red handle, if coach is twisted the smallest amount you will have too pull down on the door real hard too get it too release from the wedges

John Kosir
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Some early air doors didn't have the release handle it was just an air release knob you turned in the compartment below the drivers cab window on the left hand bulkhead wall. it is red and says air release.
Found it!
It was in the compartment below the drivers side. It didn’t have any markings other that just a Red handle. I turned it and the air let out and I was able to easily open the door. Thanks for the advice. This is a great site for this Newbie!
2004 Newell #714 
47' Steerable Tag

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