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Long layup
Hello Gurus I have a question on long layups of coach. We won’t be using 469 for a while so just wondering what should we do to preserve systems? We are plugged in and have the batteries merged, all of the air is dumped from the suspension the coach is in covered storage. Are slide seal has a leak that we hope to fix it by spring, I did just buy some stucco tape for the slide but what else should I do? Thanks Joe 469
Joe Galowitch
1998 Newell
Coach 459 45 foot 1 slide
Joe, Please know that the nozzle on the Webasto burner in the Aqua Hot heater will have congealed diesel after sitting unused for months on end. Solution is burner service when coming out of storage OR someone runs the burner once per month during storage.

Plus, is you are winterizing the coach, the Aqua Hot heater must have pink RV water antifreeze in it. You can not drain or blow out the fresh water loops in the heater.

All the best.
Rudy Legett
2001 Foretravel U320 4220
ISM11 450 hp Allison 4000R
Factory Authorized Aqua Hot Repair Center
Southeast Texas Area
Ok thanks Rudy I will order the tune up kit from you as soon as we are ready to go.
Joe Galowitch
1998 Newell
Coach 459 45 foot 1 slide
I would not leave my batteries merged. There are two different schools of thought on this. My reason is that if you lose the plug in power, both banks will be depleted. But I also have an echo charger that charges the chassis batteries from the house batteries, so the chassis batteries have some charge that way without the risk of killing every battery on board.

I am assuming since you are going to tape the slide openings that you will not run the air compressors in storage?

I turn the water pumps off, nothing good can happen with them on.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )
Thanks Richard the water pumps are off slide is taped no air compressor since I have to many leaks hope to get to them as soon as I can move around a little.
Joe Galowitch
1998 Newell
Coach 459 45 foot 1 slide
I remember reading (no direct experience) but that you might put serran wrap over Microphor toilets to prevent water evaporation, especially if not running compressor, then flaps to toilets will open. Hoping others with direct experience will jump in with correct information, just wanted to bring up the topic.
Mike & Jeannie Ginn
2000 Newell #555
2013 Chevy Avalanche

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