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Any info on coach #431
We are in the market right now for an older non-slide Newell. Visited MOT and test drove #431 had cash in hand but did not pull trigger. Loved coach just needed some history.
Any info?
Robert, The owner of Motor Homes of Texas (MOT), is David Robertson, a man of high character. It sets the culture at MOT.

Have Keith Risch, the shop manager, inspect this unit for you. He is thorough and very competent. MOT has lost a sale due to his inspection. So, it will be the real situation for sure.

Having said that, MOT always goes over a sold coach and identifies anything amiss. Keith makes sure the coachis ready before delivery as long as the cost is agreed to by seller and/or buyer. But if after the sale, you may be responsible for the fix. So a presale inspection by Keith gives you the total status of a unit before commiting your money.

Having said that, there is rarely too much money to spend on a used Newell coach to be just like you want it vs buying a newer one of any brand trying to get it correct from the get go. My friend purchased a 2015 Dynasty that spent the first two months at the factory getting things fixed and in and out of local shops the rest of the first year getting more things fixed. Today that $650k coach is worth less than $330K if that much.

I believe several learned members here will advise there is always something to do to a used coach. But again, a Newell has the bones, missing in so many brands, to give you many years of good service.

Lastly, Newell is one of the very tiny few brands that are crash worthy by experience. Your car and a Prevost are crash worthy by required testing, but not motorhomes. Ask any state trooper how many motorhome accidents he has been to in which the motorhome did not come apart. Expect the answer to be zero.

I would not trade this Newell you are looking at for a new top of the line production coach, period. And the cost savings provides a boat load of fixit money and still have lots left in the bank.

If you wish more discussion on this, you are welcome to PM me a phone number and we will have good phone call visit.

It is your choice, so do what makes you happy. My friend did and now has over $300k in depreciation loss.

All the best.
Rudy Legett
1995 Foretravel U320
M11 400hp Allison 4060R
Factory Authorized Aqua Hot Repair Center
Greater Houston Area
Is 431 the white or black one? The black one belonged to Joe and Darlene Roark, members of this forum.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )

Check your PM.
Joe & Darlene Roark
2007 Newell #1212
2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
Hello all, I just bought #419 from MoT myself. The white one with the big blue ribbon. I can second what’s been said about MoT. A no B.S. service inspection turned up a lot of minor issues that I missed. All of which were taken care of, on time as promised, before I came to get it. Good people and a great experience.
Troy and Kenda, Coach #419 “The First Prize”
Congrats on your new 1996.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
Welcome Troy and Kendra to the very best group for answering Newell specific questions.

Please take the time to post a little about yourself in the Introductions section. We like to know about your technical comfort level, any previous motorhome, boat, or airplane ownership experience, and of course why you picked Newell.

The search engine is your best friend. You will find years of content on almost any Newell specific topic. That being said don't hesitate to ask any question, there are no dumb ones.

If you can post specific questions in the most appropriate thread heading you find. It helps to keep the thread from straying to far from the original topic, and makes searches much more effective for others seeking specific info.

And although you didn't ask (wink), I consider the mid 90s no slide coaches with the Series 60 to be the best way to get into the Newell business. All the reliability without the additional learning and maintenance that comes with slides.

It's a 25 yr old machine, expect to make it a hobby learning and maintaining it.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )
We own the sister! WE have 432 Welcome aboard!

Jeff and Pam Reganall
1996 45' Newell Coach #432 Series 60, Allison 6 Speed
Towing 2012 3/4T Ram Truck loaded with the RZR 1000XP

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