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Excalibur in Sanford Fla.
Looking at maybe doing business with them. Does anyone have personal experience with this company?

Good, bad etc
Excalibur Coach is good.  I looked at several Prevosts and one Newell from Doug, the owner.  Very good guy and recommend him.  He's extremely knowledgable on Newells and prefers them over Prevost!  The only reason why I didn't buy from him was because of finances at the time.

2003 Newell Coach #667, Triple slide
Vinnnie, Thank you!

It seems that most rigs I find are not on the left coast and I just don't know anyone on that side of the country. I'm considering the 606 he has. I really like it but better move fast. So you would be comfortable with his assessment of any unit he was selling?

Most guys say get an independent PPI done.
I visited him twice and spoke on the phone at least a dozen times.  When he gets a coach in, whether it's a Prevost or a Newell, he goes through the entire coach and replaces whatever needs to be replaced.  Rip in the seat?  New upholstery.  TVs outdated?  New flat screens.  Inverter going bad?  You get the point.  And then he sells it with nothing wrong with it at a premium price.  Getting a 3rd party PPI is always a good idea, but I'm confident that the PPI will prove that the coach is solid.  In fact, I wasn't even thinking about getting a PPI when I was there based on what I saw.  Also, a quick story about my experience with PPIs: I brought the coach that I have now to Newell for a PPI since I bought it from a private party.  $1800 later they said the coach was solid.  In retrospect what that meant was nothing was currently broken.  What that does not mean is that the shocks and airbags and seals were all on the verge of imminent replacement!  Of course they don't tell you that part.  So was the PPI really worth it?  With a private party sale I would still say yes especially if this is your first coach.  With Excalibar I know Doug already went through the coach and checked and replaced all the expensive parts.

2003 Newell Coach #667, Triple slide
Point taken!! Again thank you. Now Ive got to work on the boss LOL,LOL
How far are you from Sanford?
About 3.5 hours.  I'm in Fort Lauderdale.  Need some help?

2003 Newell Coach #667, Triple slide
I was there today and took delivery of
Our first Newell. We bought the 2001 3 slide Newell from Doug at Excalibur and it went off without a hit hitch Smile
 We are very pleased with the deal and service
We got from Doug.
Glad you made it home, I trust she rode very nice. It was nice talking with you!
RVUSA65, what is the coach number of your Newell? It is the last 3 digits of the VIN, visible from the outside looking into the driver's side window. If you will add a profile signature line with you name, the year and coach number of your Newell, it will make it easier to provide answers to any questions you might have.

Congratulations on your new acquisition. Nice looking coach.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281

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