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Converter on classic 1984
Is is advisable to leave the converter on at all times or when should I switch it off?  I have a switch by the breakers to turn converter on and off but am not sure why or when I would want to do that. 

I was told this converter has been given the name of a “Battery Boiler” so maybe that has something to do with it. 

I do not see a need to replace converter since it is working but not sure I want to risk killing batteries if that is the case. 

Also it was suggested I install a charger that uses house batteries to charge engine batteries to eliminate the need to merge batteries for charging.  Thanks Tom I do like this idea.
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After reading this post, I think I may be doing something wrong ( What a shock) I keep the house and engine batteries merged when plugged in to shore power. Is this a bad practice?
Guy & Sue
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It leaves you open for the following failure mode. You are away from the coach, the pedestal breaker trips, coach goes on inverter power for extended period, because the batteries are merged, the inverter drains both battery banks, leaving you with no way of starting either the engine or the generator.
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the answer is it depends.

a few things and you will also find other conversations on the merge switch on the forum if you search for it.

the merge switch function as i understand it is to be able to start the coach or the genny if their respective batteries are dead for some reason. if the coach and starting battery banks are kept isolated from each other, and one of them goes dead for some reason, AND the other bank is charged, then you can merge the two banks of batteries together to be able to start the side that is dead.

lets say the detroit in your coach wont start because the two big 8d batteries are dead or low. AND you do not have the merge switch on. AND your coach batteries are fully charged......then you can use the merge switch to put both banks of batteries together and use the coach batteries to start the detroit.

now lets say the coach batteries are dead or low. the coach batteries start the genny. so now you cannot start your genny. AND your starting batteries are fully charged. you can use the merge switch to put both banks of batteries together and use the power of the starting batteries to start the genny. then the genny will charge the coach batteries.

the way the merge switch works is pretty clever. the merge solenoid at the back of your coach has two big terminals on it. the starting battery bank is connected to one side, the coach battery bank is connected to the other side. there is then a small terminal that is the 12v connection for the actual coil that when energizes, closes the contacts inside and connects both battery banks together. the clever part is that 3 way merge switch provides the 12v to the coil of the solenoid. if the coach batteries are dead, you cant use their 12v to merge the solenoid, so you use the starting battery side. and the reverse. one position of that merge switch uses 12v from the starting battery and one position uses the coach batteries.

so........if you leave the merge switch on, that means if you have any drains on the batteries that cause either the coach or starting battery banks to go dead, it drains both banks and you will be able to start nothing.

now the question arises about charging the batteries. if you are plugged in...... depends.

the older classics i believe had a separate converter and inverter. the older converters take 120v and convert it to 12v to power the coach and charge the coach batteries. the newer coaches have an inverter/charger that does both.

if you have the same kind of batteries in starting and coach then the charging profiles are the same for both and having the merge on to charge them all at the same time is ok. that said, IF you have some kind of trikle charger the newer coaches have, then ideally you would leave the batteries NOT merged, use the converter to charge the house batteries, and the echo charger or amp l start will steal small amounts of power from the coach batteries to charge the starting batteries.

if you have agm on coach side and flooded acid on starting, they have different charging profiles and you could cause some damage merging the two all the time.

i have probably confused you guys, but the answer depends.

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