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#423 1996 For Sale
First Newell with Rear bath and Mid half bath.

[Image: 00p0p_idhbZxQPCvu_1200x900.jpg]

[Image: 00606_dHaLbmFk1pH_1200x900.jpg]

[Image: 00M0M_cMb7MG8lOk9_1200x900.jpg]
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
Maybe for somebody but... here’s what I know.
I called on it 3 months ago. A woman had it, her husband passed away, she could not drive it. The asking price was down to $45,000. The issues I had was it was Canadian registered and she could not get any pictures of the outside, underneath. Now I see why, looks like it has seen a lot of winters and salt. 

Looks like someone did buy it, got the US customs paperwork I assume and put it back for sale. It was back forsale 3 weeks after it sold. I seen it come up for sale around 82,000, looks like he is getting nervous dropping the price so much.

Either way if it something of interest to anyone and don’t care about what the chassis looks like, might be a deal for someone. He going to want to make some money but it helps to know he bought it for $45,000 if not cheaper if he negotiated it down further.

I would just check things very closely and would not recommend it for newbie’s who don’t know much about these machines, it could cost you big bucks.
Former 1986 Newell -92-

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