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Bedroom air seal twisted and trapped under slide
My bedroom air seal had rolled and was coming out of the gap between the slide and the coach. I went through the  process of pulling the slide in to expose the seal and got most of it clear and reinstalled. There is a section about 4’ long though that is stuck under the slide between the bottom of the slide and the floor. It seams to be twisted and trapped under there. 
Has anybody had this issue. I was thinking about jacking up the slide a bit and maybe free it up. Has anybody ever tryed jacking up the slide and if so were and how did you jack it. I was thinking a 4x4 to spread the load or maybe at the spots we’re  the slide runs on the shim plates
I have attached a photo showing how twisted the seal is and I can only believe that what’s trapped underneath is just as twisted.

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Bruce & Val
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i would guess you are correct. the seal is snapped into a channel. so it has to get back into that channel and when you replace a new seal you glue it in. i have replaced a front salon seal myself and have a slide cart.

that said the raised floor bedroom slide can be brought in and the seal reattached and glued. assumming the seal is not comprimised now.

i believe there are posts on folks that have pulled the slide in. if you are mechanically inclined it is certainly possible to do your self.

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Ok, I am easily confused, but it may not make any difference.

With the room “IN”, like it is in the photo, grab the seal that is sticking out and use what you can grip to pull the seal out from under the bedroom. That seal is really really tough and you can pull on it. Spray the best way to can to get soapy water under the slide where the seal is twisted and stuck.

You could run the room out, and jack it up a wee bit, but only less than 3/4 inch cause the top of the room is going to hit the opening in the coach.

I would minimize the in and out of the room until the slide seal is glued back in it’s channel.

Once you get it glued in, determine if you have vacuum pumps installed to help flatten the seal. If you do not, search for threads on the subject on this forum, and install the vac pumps post haste.
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The seal is stuck between the slide and the floor. I have sprayed soap, pulled pushed ran the slide in and out to no avail As you can see in the photo it’s twisted several times on the Piece that I have pulled out so I’m guessing it’s also twisted on the section trapped back under the slide. 
I’m hoping jacking the slide up a bit will free it up and was wondering if anyone has experience in cribbing the bottom of the slide to support it and spread the load from the jacks
Bruce & Val
New Owners 1999 Newell #528
Yes i have jacked the slide up a bit. I used a 4x4 about three feet long to distribute the load.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )
Thanks Richard
We knew seal had come out on the back lower corner when we purchased the coach so the first thing I did was put in the vacuum pump before we even moved the slide to start the repair procedure. We were unaware that the seal had been rolled in under the slide towards the fwd bottom edge. 
Tomorrow we will try running the slide all the way out to see if that frees it up. (have only gone about halfway out so far) if that doesn't work I'm going to try and ease it up a bit with my jack
Bruce & Val
New Owners 1999 Newell #528
I didn't know, so I'll give my experience.
Make sure you running the slides in and out while the coach is in "travel" position on the leveling system. It's my understanding that if in "Level" position it may have a minor twist or enough to cause one side of a slide to closer tolerance than another, hence rolling a seal or stressing rivets on the siding.
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