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Do you own a center island bed
Do you have a center island bed? How do you like it? I think I know one con, not being able to get to the rear shower & lav. But if theres a 1/2 bath mid-ship at least you have that. Just curious.
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i do not own one but have looked at them. the one i looked at had a really small bed.

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

The center island beds I have details on are almost all 66" x 78". The standard "Queen" bed is 60 x 80. The "Olympic Queen" bed is 66 x 80, so they appear to be 2" shorter and the same width as an Olympic Queen bed. This is the same size mattress used on #721, a 2005 and #653, a 2003, and #501, a 1998, all with a standard Newell bed in them. Of course each Newell has the potential of being different. In fact, most center island beds have more surface area than standard cross mounted beds because they are closer to being a rectangle rather than having the foot end corners so rounded off. Even the Murphy beds use the same size mattress (66 x 78).

Some coaches such as #1228, a 2008, list a California King bed or other designations but I don't have floor plans on them to confirm actual mattress size. #804, a 2007, has a center island bed that according to the Newell floorplan is 70 x 78.
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I think I was in the same one as Tom if my memory serves me correctly from some older threads. Interesting concept, but it felt tight when I was in it...may have just been that coach, though. Also, depending on the config, if you're in a location where you can't extend the slides, you may be blocked out. For example, the center island bed shown on the Newell floor plan page would have the closets blocking access to the room were slides not deployed (assuming you don't want to hop the TV console).
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I've viewed the coach today and will be back again tomorrow to go over more things and then get her out on the road for a drive.

The owner told me today that you can actually "just squeeze" by the closet to get to the rear or get into the bed with the slides in. She is tiny so I can see it, I'm not very big either so not being able to put the slides out on the road may not be bad in a pinch.

Overall these are some big rigs! Both the wife and I love the roominess and think it's a good fit. It may need to grow on us but that's ok.

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current rig 01 National Islander
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I can confirm that you can (depending on your size) shuffle past the bed with slides in. I could just squeeze by to get in the bed if needed.
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