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Left Rear Air Bag Failure ?
Not exactly an emergency, but we are not moving until the issue is corrected. While in Mesa a few months ago, All aboard America gave our air bags a " looks ok" but come back for new shocks in spring 

While I was gone today, and while Mrs Cobham was taking a nap, the left rear of the coach dropped on to the tire. At the time we were hooked up to shore power
with the 120 volt compressor providing leveling air. It was cycling approx every 6 to 8 hrs for 5 minutes, maintaining 90 lbs. Smile 

I am recovering from surgery, so for the time being I will have to ignore the problem. Good news is we are on a friends ranch, and all is good.

So far what I know is : When in leveling mode, engine off the 120 volt compressor only comes on when I manually try to raise the left rear corner.
With the left rear leveling swich on a massive air leak can be heard, and of course the left rear corner corner does not respond. 

With engine running  and leveling system off, we have a loss of supply air, but the engine compressor is able to overcome the loss.

With engine running and leveling switch on  no loss of supply air.

So when I am able, advice will be taken . I guess it is time to buy a jack , some jack stands,  some cribbing.......
Guy & Sue
1984 Classic 40' #59
Hello, Guy.
I would suggest giving Newel Service a call to determine if it is a leveling problem or suspension problem.  My guess is that it could be simply a fitting or line that is giving problems.  I had my left front airbag puncture from a factory defect on the airbag mount gusseting.  The whole coach dropped down from the loss of air pressure.  A heavy truck repair shop in Western Pennsylvania installed the airbag I ordered from Newell for $300, and that included grinding the burr off.

You would need to jack up the rear, place it on stands, and remove the wheels to get to the troubled area.  Best to spend a couple of hundred bucks and have someone else do the repair.  If it is the airbag, that will be about $250 for the part.  The part is specific to Newel as they have the fitting in a different position, at least for mine.  Good luck!
Best Regards,
Bill Sallai & Jimmy Tyson (Dog)
1996 Newell Coach FMCA Show #416, 45’ x 102”
DD Series 60 DDEC3
Allison HD4060 6-Speed World Transmission
Ham 2m/70cm KJ6VBQ
Horsham, PA
The data you describe is consistent with an airleak in the rear air bag(s), the line going from the air bag reserve tank to the air bag, or the tank. Best to do a bit of leak chasing before you order parts.

Replacing air bags is not a trivial job. It's not complicated, but the fittings are big and often corroded taking big wrenches to deal with. The space is extremely confined.

In your current situation, I would strongly consider calling in a mobile big truck mechanic. On the other hand, if you elect to tackle yourself, you will learn a lot about your coach.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )
Thanks for your insights Richard and Bill ( and Jimmy Tyson). We are currently on soft gravel on a ranch north of  Santa Barbara California. We have received more than our share of rain the past few days. Dont laugh, California is actually a desert climate. The mobile diesel service is none to anxious to get wet in mud and gravel to do this job, so in three weeks our progress has been limited to them coming out, seeing that the left rear bag is "bubbling", and calling it a day.I expect their interest in us may increase . Their largest customer, the local Indian casino with a large fleet of buses just shut down yesterday due to Corona virus concerns.  We are expected in Chesapeak Bay Virginia in four weeks, but as Clarke says, our plans are written in jello.......
Guy & Sue
1984 Classic 40' #59
Our coach has now been transported via lowboy to a diesel truck shop. Upon inspection , one of the left rear bags had failed, dropping the body wheel well on to the tire making the coach unable to propel itself. The  remaining three bags were also deemed soon to fail. Now the hunt begins for replacements. Any further developments will be posted on another thread to leave this one free for our gurus who are needing immediate advice.
Once again, thank you gurus !
Guy & Sue
1984 Classic 40' #59

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