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Bay Doors - SouthCo Latches
Has anyone had latches fail on their bay door latches? I have Southco Part: EM-03-43-340. One latch will not lock. I have a replacement kit. There is a bunch of insulation that looks like it will have to be removed in order to diagnose and repair the problem. Has anyone replaced these? 

Also since it is the forward latch that is not locking, do you think it will be problematic to drive the coach?

I have included pictures of the broken latch and parts.


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What year coach please?
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I have this same issue on curbside front bay door, however mine is a side latch. The inner skin is held on with rivets, I plan on drilling these out tomorrow on my 05. It wont work with the keys either.
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I have that same southco EM-03-43-340 latch. The solenoid in mine clicks a little but doesn't release the catch. First time this happened I noticed some rain water was on and around it.

Cheapest I've seen is on ebay at the moment (still looking).
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