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2001 for 71,000
Some damage.  Salvage title.  Might be right for someone.  ?‍♂️
Steve Burleson 

Retiring soon and beginning the search for my first Newell.

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It cleaned up nicely, I believe this coach was the one that sold recently at the copart auction. It looked ROUGH in the pictures from copart.. I wonder what it sold for??
Just my opinion....... but

That looks like such a pig with lipstick, usually I don’t speak out unless it utterly bothers me. Yes sometimes if it’s cheap enough but this thing looks like it would nickel and dime you to death and I still would not be happy. Just a few things. Looks like almost every exterior panel is beat up or need fiberglass work or paint. The back end the lines are off, the front generator cover doesn’t even fit right. 

I don’t mine buying rebuilt when it’s done right. That’s all I see now were I live on Craigslist and Facebook, rebuilders not blending the paint, lines not correct, cutting so many corners, I feel like they are giving a bad name to rebuilt salvage. Just shoddy workmanship for a quick buck.

Looks like rust in all areas, rivets down the exterior of the slides, Aqua hot inop added water heater. Interior leather all worn, dash messed up, plus the comments about what he actually says needs fixed or what’s inop.  Just is a taste of what has been ..... to JUST get by.

If you’re going to buy a Newell don’t embarrass the brand with this one. Usually I would say a Newell owner is proud to show others there coach, and how beautifully built it is. I’d just be embarrassed if I owned it, I don’t know how you could show it, maybe pull the name off and slap a Monaco on it,Lol

Rant over, just be careful these things will each your lunch if you don’t know anything about what it really takes to own one of these.
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i will say this. he appears to have full disclosure pictures.

i agree, i think if this coach could talk, there are some real good stories it could tell. much more than the generator came out. that may just be the last story.

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I have to agree with @"Johnyboy", if you do a Google search on the VIN you'll find lots of disturbing information on this coach.
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This coach is a good example of why Newell won't work on a salvage coach. Whoever buys this will probably not want to spend the money to get it up to a Newell's standards.
BTW I think this one was owned by Mr. Magoo...
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