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Blower motor for generator, Grainger
Two question post:

1.  I have run into the need to move my blower to the opposite side of my coach.  Anyone see a reason this would be an issue functionally?   I know it requires some ducting to get to past steering shaft and have already worked that part out. 

2. When I pulled the blower currently in my coach I saw it is a Dayton 5C198 and I see other posts recommending the Dayton 1XJY4. To me they seem almost identical in specs.   Anyone know or have an opinion as to why one might be better than the other or if I might want to consider changing for the 1XJY4?  At this point they seem so much the same I was going to keep the one I have but thought I would ask here first, I have already seen there are many on here that know more then me.

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Mark and Melanie
1985 Newell 40’
#75 ? (still not confirmed)
First motor coach
On Grainger it looks like the 5C198 is discontinued. You may only be able to find 1XJy4.

Does your current fan have an external motor? Both the ones you mentioned have the internal motor which is a huge benefit in terms of functionality and space requirements.
Bill Johnson
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I unfortunately bought a replacement motor from grainier last year for our coach after insulation fell and burned out the original. was unaware that a new unit with an internal blower was available at the time, as I didn’t research it.

Go with the new unit and internal motor - much better!

Whoops, sorry for the typos
Stupid question but doesn’t the blower I have, have an internal motor?

I attached a picture or blower I have that is now discontinued and the blower that has been recommended.  Not trying to debate advice just want to make an informed decision.  Thanks for continued help.

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Mark and Melanie
1985 Newell 40’
#75 ? (still not confirmed)
First motor coach
The blower you have does have an internal motor. If it currently runs and cools properly, no reason to discard it for the new one in my opinion. I installed the 1X, but only because my old one failed. 

If your current unit fails somewhere down the road, replace it with the new 1X.
David and MaryLynn Kammeraad
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My neighbor works for an HVAC repair business. When I bought my coach the blower motor was burned out, he picked me up a replacement motor from an HVAC wholesaler for about $330. The coach is still in Missouri as well as the receipt so I can't tell you the exact part.
Jon & Chris Everton
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