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Dash Air 1995
Trying to troubleshoot the dash air in our 1995 serial #373. It is going to need a new A/C compressor as it is locked up, which is well within my capabilities to change, vacuum draw down and service. But currently there is no power to the condenser cooling fans or 12v to the compressor clutch. The evaporator blower fan doesn't come on, in any fan speed position and there is no power at terminal #35 in the fuse area at the kick panel for the passenger. ( The only terminal I have found labeled dash air) Is there anyone with any knowledge of the wiring in my era for the dash air. There has to be some relay's for the higher current parts of the system and some associated fuse protection. I can't seem to find any of them and 45ft of coach is pretty hard to hunt and peck away with a voltmeter. So hints are helpful
Terry & Cherie
95 Newell, 45', FMCA Show Coach, Series 60, #373
If you access the back of the control panel, do you have power to the blue AC button. Its been 6 years since I owned a 95 so bear with me.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )
Went and troubleshot it some. Ours doesn't have a blue A/C on/off button like you see on some cars. What is there is in the picture below, it's a push button arrangement and a cable for the heat/cool. A portion of the controls are vacuum lines that would be moving the flappers where the air is discharged. There are 2 push buttons for A/C mode. Max and fresh air. Pushing either in results in nothing. But if I push the A/C max button ever so slightly in, the evaporator blower will come on and it has it's proper 3 speeds. The buttons are not working properly internally. There is no power going to the compressor clutch and the condenser fans are not coming on under the coach. This could be a result of not enough freon in the system and a low pressure switch has the clutch and condenser fans locked out. I haven't found a low pressure switch on a freon line yet. Or a relay for the compressor.

So looking at the pictures, any one know what vehicle this control is from. I think it's Delco, but there's decades of their push button controls.

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Terry & Cherie
95 Newell, 45', FMCA Show Coach, Series 60, #373
Looks like similar to the one in my 1992 which is from a 1981-1993 Dodge truck/vans or early 1980's Charger. Cordova Everco A8075.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281

yea, a dodge truck heater control. i replaced mine on my 90.

keep in mind there is a newell added microswitch to turn on the coolant pump that gets coolant from the engine to the dash for heating.

easy to put on the replacement

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

Thanks Michael, I'll see what I can find and let everyone know how it resolves.
Terry & Cherie
95 Newell, 45', FMCA Show Coach, Series 60, #373
Using the parameters of 1981-1993 Dodge truck it returns a lot of different possible part numbers for the climate control. Mostly there are differences in either the front face lettering, black or chrome buttons. But a more important item is some have 6 terminal spades on the push button block back and others have 5. Photos attached. My coach has part number 3610-501 27381 on the button block. Searching 3610-501 returns nothing in a Mopar PN. But I can find all sorts of climate controls that look similar, just different PN. My push button block has 5 spade terminals. So I am going to order one that looks close from ebay, but doesn't part number match. Hopefully the internals of just the push button block will be the same.

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Terry & Cherie
95 Newell, 45', FMCA Show Coach, Series 60, #373

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