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newell lifestyle bus prevost coach

Hello, Newbie here obviously LOL

I have been looking to get another Coach, I first started out looking at 2005 to 2008 Prevost either Liberty or Marathon. I then happen to watch several Newell YouTube videos that got me hooked on the look. Newells are amazing coaches the more I learn about them.  looking to get a Newell now and travel and just enjoy life. I would love any feed back in relation to options of Different years i.e. Detroit 60 or cummins and mid entry or front entry. I know everyone here loves their particular coach, just curious what made you pick yours. Thank you to all that respond and looking forward to getting back into the Lifestyle with a Newell now. 

welcome to the forum,

in that price range (of a 2005-8 prevost) you are looking at newells that are probably 2 to 3 years newer.

the series 60 stopped being used in the 2004 ish time frame.

front or mid entry is something you should find some to go look at to get a feeling for.

a prevost in those years are going to be 2 slides. all newells in that range are 4 slides.

have fun looking.

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

Thank you, I have seen both of the entry types now and prefer the front entry for myself although if I found a mid entry that I like I would be ok with that also.
Having had coaches with both, I prefer the front entry when traveling and the mid-entry when parked for several days. The way you use your coach will dictate the right answer for you.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
Thank you, I am thinking the front entry for me. You are right its how you use the coach.
ok, thanks for the two responses lol Admin you can delete this uneventful thread at your convenience no need to take up bandwidth for this...
My personal perspective on Newell’s is don’t buy one without a half bath. Without one she closed up for travel, you have to crawl over the bed to get to the rear bath.
Michael and Mona Corrigan
2008 Newell #1248
2010 Mini Cooper S
Welcome to the group, I have a front entry with half bath but with center island bed. At first I thought it would be an issue but so far we love it. If on the road and dont want to put the slides out it can be an issue getting to the bed if you are not small enough to squeeze by the closet.
home: Sacramento Area
current rig 05 #746 quad slide 2000i
01 National Islander
Toad 10 Avalanche
We like the mid entry the best; especially when we are at a site. We also prefer the rear closet so that when traveling we still have full access to the entire bathroom, works great if you aren't in a place you can put out the slides.
Ron & Jennifer Ward
2003 Newell Coach #643 Triple Slide, DD 60
Visalia, CA

Front go one direction.
Mid can go either direction.
Thus, life style may determine number of loading episodes and which suites you and your partner best.   At our ages, we enjoy the mid entry!
Enjoy the hunt!
Tony Van Helden
2003 Newell #646 2 slide
Tow 2017 Grand Cherokee Trail Hawk
Citroen Charleston  2cv
Spencer, Iowa (summers)
Mesa, Az. (winters)

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