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Classic fuel hoses and fittings
I am in the process of upgrading the Con Met fuel /water separators to Racor /turbine type units with replaceable filters .
I am currently casting about for the correct plumbing for the engine fuel hoses before removing them from the existing separator . The hoses from tank and engine have female swivel ends , thread is 1 1/16 -12  , which I believe to be 3/4 , size 12 ( on the racer it would be AN dash 12 ). I assumed the fittings would be JIC 37 degree , but the hose end clearly has SAE stamped on it , which I believe to be a 45 degree fitting . The JIC fittings are readily available , SAE not so much . Wondering if anyone could shed light ? 
Hope everyone is well out there !
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Chris and Sharon Hand 
In my experience building generator set and power units, most fittings are SAE but not all.  It really is up to the engine manufacturer i.e., Cummins , up until recently , used 45 degree SAE fittings and hose with the AI designation whereas the AII hose and fittings used 37 degree fittings.  Most SAE fittings have a groove cut in the nut around the circumference.   Cummins and Detroit used fittings from Stratoflex, now a division of Parker Hannifin and designated as 213 with a DOT compliance.  

A lot has changed since I retired but your classic will likely have 213 hose and fittings with 45 degree.  Many suppliers stock SAE fittings and finding them is not difficult.
Gordon Jones
Thanks Gordon , I removed the lines to the fuel / water separator for the engine , they are both 3/4 hose with female swivels, SAE size 12 . The size 12 SAE threads are 1 1/16 - 14 , whereas the JIC 12 and AN Dash 12 are 1 1/16 -12 . Evidently threads are the same across the three designs in other sizes .
I was able to source fittings locally , we'll see how the new separators work .
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Chris and Sharon Hand 
those old separators were problematic for sure. i ended up having to seal the bottoms with plugs to get them to stop leaking.

wise choice to replace them. there were two of them on my 90. one for the engine and one for the genny. my 90 had two tanks side by side that were plumbed together and i always left them together. 330 gallons total.

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

Okay , I now have the new fuel /water separator for the 8V92 plumbed and filled with fuel . A little apprehensive about attempting start up .
When I removed the hoses from the original ConMet separator there was only a slight amount of fuel in the lines although the separator felt full . Both hoses go upward , head in their respective directions . The engine had been started and warmed up a few days prior to removing hoses . I am concerned ( terrified ) about getting air into the system , but it seems to have been working this way . The primary and secondary spin on filters at the engine have not been disturbed . 
I am in the middle of a very lengthy fuel aeration /stalling problem with the generator ( will post in appropriate area ) , would rather not have another nightmare ....
Appreciate any input !
Hope everyone is well ,
Thanks , Chris
1986 #89
VIN 007
Chris and Sharon Hand 

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