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mid 90s newell information for purchase
Hello, I'm new here and hope that this is the vast collection of Newell knowledge I ve heard it is.  I'm looking at mid 90s (95 96 97) coaches and need information on what they should of had for equipment when built. Things like type and number of batteries, do they have solar, aqua hot, is fridge residential or nevercold, tire sizes, and anything to look at when checking them out. Is there anyone to give me specifics if I have a VIN.?  I just recently began to consider Newells after a couple came on the market within my price range, previously I considered them out of my reach. Because of this I know very little about them. Confused
I would appreciate any information to help me make an informed decision
I first saw a Newell just before Thanksgiving of last year. I considered purchasing it but came up a little late on time as it was being looked at by another person who eventually bought it.
I found this site and have been keeping an eye on it ever since. I read just about every new post daily and just dig dig dig through the old posts. I also put my knowledge of other RVs together with this site and feel I could successfully navigate a new to me Newell.
It takes time. There are some regular posters on here who will treat you like a close family member and help in any way they can.
Did I mention it takes time? You, and me will do fine if we keep a cool head and keep it simple when things go wrong. All RVs have these problems but not all of them have a great group like this forum to turn to.
First time RV-less in 18 years.
We are looking for our first Newell - 2000-2005 vintage or so...
first of all, welcome to the forum,

searching this site and looking at gallery photos will give you a good start on your questions.

the vintage you are looking at is the beginnings of the detroit series 60 engines with allison 6 speed tranny in the newells. 97 is also the beginnings of having a slide in front in some of them.

to my knowledge, they will all have aquahots, all have residential fridges, almost all be in the 45' length, have varying ceiling heights based on where the raised roof starts, only ones with solar will be ones that one of the owners added. almost all of them will have basement air conditioners,

since that is the start of the all electric newell era (which continues to today), that vintage will have 2 8D starting batteries located in the rear engine passenger compartment. and have 4 to 6 8D coach batteries. most will have 6, but a few might have 4.

unless it was a special order to be made, there will be no propane tank in the coach.

you should really go look at and drive one. that is the best way to know if you are interested in a newell.

alot of us have had multiple ones of varying years. i have had a 90, 99 and 02.


2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

I have only pictures to go on but it shows a propane tank. with the coach number which i think is 379 can i get an original equipment list?
Backroadrunner, welcome! I will try to make some general comments regarding the questions you asked but I will first have to make the standard statement: All Newells are custom made for the client so no two are exactly alike. Therefore, any specific coach could be different than what I describe.

Drivetrain and suspension
In the 1995-1997 time period almost all will have a Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine and an Allison speed World Transmission. This is generally an excellent drivetrain. The first several 1995 models had the Detroit Diesel 8V92 and the Allison HT 741 4 speed transmission. Then several of the Series 60's in 1995 still had the HT 741. The 1996's started out with the Ridewell solid front end near the end of the model run a few had the Dana Independent Front Suspension. 1997 had several with the Ridewell solid front end but transitioned into the Dana IFS by #443.

The first Newell with a slide was #436, a 1996. The second Newell with a slide was #440, a 1997. By #452 most Newells had a slide. #462 was likely the first Newell with 2 slides. #465 was the last 1997 Newell.

Most 1995-1997 Newells had a rear closet with a mid coach bath, typically open to the bedroom (vanity and shower) with the toilet in its own room. In 1996, two coaches were built with a rear bath and a separate mid 1/2 bath with a toilet and vanity. #423 was the first one and #436 was the second. Most of the 1997's had the rear closet and the mid bath but #457, 459 and perhaps one or two others had the bath and a half arrangement.

Propane, refrigerators, heating and generators
By 1990, Newells typically carried a HUGH 68 gallon propane tank, had either a Primus system (a propane competitor of the AquaHot) or had propane furnaces and 20 gallon marine electric water heaters. Most of these coaches had RV style Dometic or Norcold refrigerators. They had 240 volt electric cooktops as a rule and a 12.5 KW generator. By 1992, one or two Newells had 17.5 KW generators and residential side by side refrigerators. By 1994 most had the side by side residential refrigerators. #324 (1993) and #353 (1994) had the first AquaHot units. Some early 1995's had Primus heat. By mid 1995, it would be rare to find a Newell that did not have an Aquahot and a side by side residential refrigerator. By 1996 it would be rare to find a Newell with a propane tank (#408 had 2 LP furnances, a 68 gallon propane tank and a Residential side by side refrigerator. By late 1995, most generators were 20 KW units. All generators since 1980 are diesel.

Newell used 11R24.5 (H rated) tires for many years. These held up well, especially Firestone and Goodyear, and are readily available. The slide coaches overloaded the 11R24.5 on the front so Newell switched to 315/80R22.5 tires on the front only. Beginning with coach #443 (a 1997), except #450-458, you can upgrade the front end to carry 365/70R22.5 tires by changing the front wheels and tires.

Skin and Chassis
All of the Newells, including the 2021 models are aluminum studs, aluminum skin, aluminum roofs with composite front and rear caps. The chassis is custom made for each individual coach by Newell in their manufacturing facility in Miami, Oklahoma (pronounced my-am-uh).

A very few Newells in the early 1990's had both air leveling and hydraulic leveling. Almost all Newells by 1995 had air leveling only.

Nope, not unless someone has added it as an aftermarket item.

Hope that helps.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
I PM'd you
Hi Backroadrunner,
We just purchased our first Newell. I found that the factory is very helpful and will even allow you to look at all the data they've made for your coach if you're at the factory. You may be able to ask them for a "build sheet" for a specific coach which would give you all the details of that particular coach. The one for ours was 7 pages long. You can call Newell at
(918) 542-3344 and they can provide you some additional information about what's available. Everyone I've spoken to there has been wonderful. They're from Oklahoma, good solid folks.
Hope that may help you,
Sandy and Bob's 2007 Newell #1202  "Boomer", 1996 Prevost XL 40'-sold, Toad-"Machito"-1994 Toyota FZJ 70 Land Cruiser  "Our goal is your happiness"

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