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Hey ladies and Gents! 
Recently purchased Coach 360 to update and renovate. The 12v system is a mess and not operating currently. Have ordered a new Invertor/Charger and 8 New C-8 Batts. Had to change the contactors before anything worked... Making my way through the systems... My question is about  The Yanmar Generator.  It was running well, but shut down when the fuel crossover clogged and the gen tank got below 25%. Have power to the starter 12.9v but the Solenoid is fried. Does anyone know the starter brand/model number? Huge Thanks in advance!  Newell Newby.
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These guys can help you. I know them good ppl. Get the model # off of your engine and call. Bestgenman can probably help as well if he sees your post.
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Martin Diesel is the Yanmar distributor.  They are listed on google and are located in Defiance, Ohio. They will be able to get you a Yanmar part.

However there are aftermarket items available as well.  You’ll need the engine model number such as 4TN84T or similar.  The starter will also have a number and that is going to get you an aftermarket model easier than the engine model.

If you have any numbers, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.
Gordon Jones
On our first trip in 385 the gen stoped
It would turn over not would run
After changing filters it ran for a few minutes
And again quit
I found the filter head plugged with
Algae. Cleaned out and it ran
Coach 385
Toad Mini Cooper 

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