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Pocket door Air Leak
Noticed that our midship pocket door (separates kitchen from bathroom room area) has developed a hiss and air leak only when open, closed the air leak stops. Pretty new to Newells, so learning! Guessing it's the air cylinder is leaking on the open side, so my question is 1, to gain access to the mechanism you remove the mirror above the door to get to the screws but how do you get to the actuator? It looks like it's in the toilet room above the medicine cabinet above the toilet but I see no visible way to And question 2, source for the parts thanks!!!!!! 

Jesse proud owner of Coach #582 2001

i would be very surprised if it was the cylinder. they use the same control solenoid valves that are used for the air dumps to control the pocket door cylinder. what you are describing is a classic failure of the solenoid valve. i had exactly the same thing happen to mine not long ago. and it was the valve. in your case, if there is a closet or something like that on one side of the pocket door, you will find a carpeted cover at the top corner in line with the door. the valve will be under that. take that cover off. for sure you will hear the air coming from there.

there are rebuild kits, but but almost all of us buy new ones. if you shop you can usually find one for around a hundred bucks. there is a thread discussing it.

i will message you my phone to discuss

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

Thank you soo much Tom!, I'm gonna get into disassembling the access cover tommorow after work and hopefully confirm it's just the solenoid valve as we discussed earlier. Looks like my old Country Coach is now sold... that was fast!
So.... the journey continues but making progress... I think ha ha. I ordered a new valve referenced by the by the other thread - got it for 105 bucks replaced the old one and switched over to 12 volts.... still leaking air out of the muffler in the open position.... strange.... I did learn how to shut the muffler off all together so that it won't leak, however when the door is shut, it will not open unless I drain all the air out of the system or release/ open the muffler. Seems as though the door is not completing a whole open cycle thus still demanding air to fully open the door even though it is at its stops
sorry jesse i steered you in the worng direction. i have replace a ton of those valves and it always fixed the problem

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

No worries, must be a logical reason. I switched the push to connect air lines to see if the air leak would occur on the other side of the valve, and sure enough it did so it must have something to do with the cylinder - I assume.

On a better note got the Silverleaf set up working!
Yep, the inside seal on the cylinder is kaput. I haven't taken one apart, but you may be able to fix it just with a seal, instead of buying a new assembly. Be aware, it is different setup. The door is not physically attached to the cylinder rod. It is magnetically coupled.

The way those valves work, and the sister valves the ones for the dump, is that pressure is always on one side of the cylinder or the other. The pressure does not release when you release the switch. It is done that way on purpose to hold the door closed or open, and to hold the dump valve closed or open.
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Thank you Richard, I am going to see if I can't get the part number for the cylinder and order a new assembly and install it before heading up to Alaska. Until then I've shut off the muffler on the valve to stop it from leaking air while the door is open and instructed my wife and daughter NOT to close the door... which they completely forgot about already- time to open the muffler again ha ha ha.

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