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Traction Control
2006 #769 
There is a lighted “Traction Control” on full time on our instrument dash panel,any body have an idea what this is about?
Wonder if it is causing the following?
This coach is a two fisted driving nightmare, been to Miami a dozen times in two years and they can’t fix it so it will stay in its lane without running all over the road!

Drove a 1991 #263 28 years,sure was a BIG mistake to move to a newer unit, even with issues it was a WAY better product this this thing, oh well, live and learn right!

I know nothing about the traction control function, that may be a question for Newell. If, and that is a big IF, the traction control momentarily applies the rear brake to the opposite wheel than the one the computer thinks is spinning, then that intermittent braking on one side would cause the coach to behave badly.

All of the coaches I have driven with the ZF suspension have been superb.

Here are some things to check:
Alignment. The coach must be at the proper ride height for setting toe in. The independent front suspension is insanely sensitive to changes in ride height that will effect toe in. If the coach is toed out, it will dart from side to side like it has a mind of it’s own. Easy way to check, is to lower coach below travel height, put in travel mode and allow to settle, roll forward 10 or 15 feet, measure toe with tape measure.

Steering gear box. Too loose can cause lost motion in the steering. Too tight can cause the steering to stick and not return to center which produces an EVIL handling coach.

Play in the u joints in rod that connects the steering column to the steering gear box.

Loose steering gear box on it’s mounts.

Worn out lower bearing in steering gear column.

Loose front wheel bearings.

Worn out track bar in the REAR.

Some Newell’s had a rubber isolator in the middle of the shaft that connects the steering column to the steering gear box. When it softens it induces a great deal of free play in the steering.

My I ask some questions about the behavior?

If you are on a heavily crowned road which pulls the coach to one side, does it wander less?

If you are on a dead flat and smooth road is it worse?

How does it behave when a truck passes you?

At what speed does the wander start?
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )
Spoke with two owners who had late 2000 coaches.  Both said the light should not be on, but did not have the handling issues you describe.  They stated the light is tied in with the rear end gear in the ZF suspension.  They said Newell was able to get the light out, but didn't know what the fix was.
Steve Bare
1999 Newell 2 slide #531
Probably not helpful but I will share anyway.

My Jeep has all sorts of traction assist gizmos. One time a rear ABS sensor went out and the Jeep was almost un-drivable. Would do all sorts of crazy things.

So…(its just a guess)….if you have an ABS sensor out, then the ABS computer thinks the wheel is slipping and could cause the coach to respond in strange ways.

I agree with Steve. First thing is to figure out why that light is lit.

Bill Johnson
Birmingham, Alabama
I think Bill might be on to something with the ABS sensor being out. I'm really surprised that the factory can't figure it out if it's that simple though. I would put a code reader on it and see what's causing the traction control light to be on. Not sure what diagnostic port is on a 2006, is it the standard J1939 port? If so a BlueFire adapter should give you all the information needed.
Jon & Chris Everton
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