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Searching for a Newell
Thank you for the add to this group! I have reading as much as I can and learning about Newells. I am looking to upgrade from my HR Vacationer, she's been good to me and my Labs but we need more space for our travels across the US. I travel by myself across the US and so am looking for a good solid, quality build coach and have learned Newell is one of the top ones to own. 
Any advice for my search is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Tell us a little about your previous RV ownership. How handy are you mechanically and electrically? Because any Newell is going to be a step or two up in complexity from your current coach. What year coaches are you considering? Why Newell? Just trying to gauge what you expect when purchasing a Newell.

Where are you located? So maybe you can visit with a Newell owner close to you.

Take the time to read the entire section on this forum on what to consider when purchasing a used Newell.
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Welcome! I am a newbie to Newell as well, no coach yet. You have come to the right place to learn - these guys and gals are AMAZINGLY knowledgeable! Enjoy and happy Thanksgiving!

Evan & Kat
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Thank you everyone for kind words. This group is amazing!! Been reading as much as I can in this forum, including what to consider when buying a Newell. I've been driving an 06' HR Vacationer 35' that we bought from friends that were no longer going to go RVing.  My husband is extremely handy and mechanical and I learn everything I can from him. Many times I have to travel alone because my husband stays home to look after our property and animals.  I love the solid body and build of the Newell's, the Series 60, the great support from Newell regardless of the age of the coach, the quality of the coaches regardless of age, and I do not want some of the newer functions on the newer models. Also, budget wise I am more comfortable with the older coaches. My Vacationer is in good condition, many important things replaced and I completely renovated the inside.  Really looking forward to finding a Newell that I can call home on the road with Labs at the shows. 
I'm looking for 1997 to 2000 years.  We are located just outside of Austin Texas too.

Thank you for the help and insight! Happy Holidays to Everyone!!

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