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S60 coolant flush and change
I've read all the posts I can find on changing the engine coolant in my Series 60, and they have been very instructive. Based on those posts I am going to drain, fill with distilled water, bring up to temp, drain again, and then fill with Final Charge concentrate/distilled water 50/50 mix.  But I have a few novice questions:

1. Where are the drain points, besides radiator petcock?
2. Do I need to remove lower radiator hose as well for draining?  
3. I bought a pass-thru filter that I thought was correct... but I can't find any coolant filter on my coach. Where would this be, or is it possible I don't have one?
4. I'm planning to fill it up with distilled water, start it and bring it up to temp.  Then start again at #1 (after it cools).  Anything else?
5. Will I need to burp it anywhere? Or will air come out by itself?

Thanks as always!
Alan Johnson
Alan Johnson
Dallas Tx

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I can't add much besides a reminder to check the hoses and replace them if they are original for good measure. (Removal and replacement helps to drain more coolant from the lower depths of the radiator too.) I replace the hose clamps too. I also had issues with cars when I did not replace the T-stat once the new coolant went in. Might be a piece of mind thing to swap that out too.
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Radiator petcock, I am guessing you have found it. It is a hidden rascal. If you look at the low radiator hose, it connects to a hard pipe then back to hose before connecting to the water pump. Some of those hard pipes have a drain at the low point.

When refilling, with either distilled water or coolant, keep adding to the top tank through the locking access door. Every time the thermostat opens the tank will drain into the radiator.

The filter is just to the rear of the oil filters.

I have never had to burp mine. But if you want to, look at the front driver side of the engine. You should be able to figure out the water manifold. At the top of that at the front is a plug that can be removed to burp the engine.

Gonna be about 15 to 17 gallons total.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
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Great. Thank you guys for input!

Alan Johnson
Dallas Tx

Newell #485
1998 2 slides

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