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Wheel Polishing

I had my wheels polished at a place known for quick cleanups on big rigs. It was a 2 hour round trip from my house but man, was it worth it! They charged me $10 a wheel. They start out with a diluted acid which brightened up the aluminum and then polished it with a buffer. It's not perfect, but extremely acceptable. They would need to spend alot of time to get the larger pitting on some of my wheels which I can probably deal with myself. Overall, it was an outstanding deal and would do it again and again. The place is called Babe and Sals in Eloy AZ. They also buffed out most of the yellowed plastic from the headlights. On my way home, I had the cruise control at 77 with some manual override at 82 for passing. With the engine revving it's song for that drive, when I got home I looked under thinking there had to be a leak or two of oil, but the bottom side still looked new with fresh paint when Leo replaced the pan gasket and cleaned up the underside. I am so relieved that mess has been taken care of!

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1993 8v92TA #312

Looks Great

Ken & Karen
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