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Bennett shifter

While I was doing some cleaning up under the bus, I pressed against a hose and heard air escaping. There is a line that goes from the aux air tank manifold at the rear of the coach and to the shifter. I am not sure why they have a rubber line tied into the hose. Can I just have a new hose made in one piece and skip the short rubber section? I was thinking braided stainless. There is space behind the shifter module but the only way to remove/install the hose is by removing the shifter from the transmission. I had to cut off one bolt for removal. Either way, I always replace hardware. What is the consensus of going with a one piece hose?

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I don't know about you Simon but I get excited every time I find a leak, I would use braded hose for sure, any kind of metal tubing could freeze and break, even a piece of EFI fuel hose from your standard auto parts store would be great, EFI fuel hose is generally good for 100 psi.

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Braided hose X one .

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