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Tire Pressure Suggest

#623 with 365 fronts (100psi??) and 315(130psi??) rear: proper pressure suggestions please?

Jim & Sherri Thurman
2002 Quad Slide - #623

Home: Clayton, CA

2nd Home: Desert Shores RV Resort, Indio, CA

On my '92 there is a plate on the driver side wall that lists Newell recommended tire pressures. You may have to get on your hands & knees to see it.

Weight coach…set pressure based on load

Coach 385
Toad Mini Cooper 

On 653 I run 110/110/100. When I had the coach weighed they recommended way less pressure on the tag, but I was chewing up the tires so I went to 100.

Brad Aden
2003 Newell #653 Quad Slide Cat C-12 engine
Towing 2020 Grand Cherokee Summit
St. Louis, MO

Tirepressure advice is all about load on tire and maximum speed you use, and wont go over for even a minute.

This Pigheaded Dutch selfdeclared tirepressure specialist" registered to this forum to answer to this topic.

The 22.5 inch tires mostly are given maxload for max 120kmph/75mph.
I am able to make a pressure/axleload list for your tires, with build in maximum reserve in load and speed, and still acceptable comfort and gripp.

Then you " ONLY" have to determine the axleloads acurate in your use, and look them back in my made list for the needed pressure.  Succes with that, the most tricky part. 
Then the discussion only has to go on about the weights and speed
 need 3 things of tires. 
1. Maximumload or loadindex 
2. Kind of tire to determine the maxloadpressure, so loadrange or better pressure behind AT.
3. Speedcode, less important.

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