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Author: nomads - Replies: 0 - Views: 821
Hello I have a 2007 with ZF suspension and need to replace the linkage to the sway bar.
Does anyone have a source on suspension parts for this coach?

Thanks  Steve
Author: Newell467 - Replies: 11 - Views: 684
Hello all,

I’m having issues with the HWH air suspension controls.
The air system appears to be working because it airs up to ride height when you start the coach. The green travel light is always on but that is all. The only button that works is the all lower. You can lower it but that’s it. When you touch the air bottom to self level or manual nothing happens at all and none of the up down arrows do anything.
Thanks for any advice or...!
Author: cknuth - Replies: 14 - Views: 516
For the last week or so, the rear of the coach has been a bit low.    Not sure whether it happened gradually or all at once.   

Today, I started the engine, brought the coach to travel height, then leveled and shut down.    Air pressure was 120 throughout.     Then, about a half hour after the reset, a loud air release came from the rear.    I opened the right side engine access where is was happening but couldn't pinpoint the source before it abruptly stopped releasing on its own.   Total re