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Full Version: Clogged fuel filter
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So on our way back from the north east to our winter spot north of yuma az.
While driving just before Albuquerque NM the coach was loosing power. I went through this when I first got the coach 10 years ago. I new it was the fuel filters. But these filters were changed just 5K miles before. I had extras good thing changed them out and all was well no black smoke under a load but before we got to Yuma it looked like the smoke was coming back. After arriving, using the gene it cranked over longer than normal so changed the fuel filter on it and started normal. Now a few weeks later the gene cranks a bit longer than normal. 

So Could I have a major issue with my fuel.
I use Bi-Bor additive and ALWAYS top off the tank before sitting for the season. 

By the way we had bad head winds and after filling up prior to realizing the plugged filters The mileage was in the 3"s worst ever, Maybe a combo of the wind and bad filters.

What did the filter look like?

Algae is always a suspect.

Have you filled up anywhere along the way with fuel than contained biodiesel? Biodiesel can act as a solvent and pull junk out of the lines that normal diesel will not dissolve.
Black smoke makes me wonder about turbo boost,
Does your unit a gauge to show boost?
Richard: I didn't inspect the filter but i might still have it, I will tear it apart if I find it.
When filling I just go where the big rigs go. Could have got some biodiesel, is that becoming more common?

George: I have a pyrometer gauge showing turbo boost and temp and it does get lower as the filter gets plugged.

So wondering how best to tell if I need a fuel filtering job or a fuel filtering and tank cleaning. 
I have fuel water separators for the main engine and the gene, the bottom area used to be transparent and now black but I drain those a couple times a year and never got water but some black particles but not very much.
You shouldn't have gotten bio at any of the big rig places.
Look at the bottom of your tank, there may be a sump with a drain fitting. If so you could drain some diesel from the sump, if the fitting isn't frozen.
Yes there is a drain in the bottom of the tank I will try to drain s little to see if there is any significant matter that comes out.

I see you down sized Forest. How do you like it? Are you full time?
Sometimes I think about it.The drive this season from north east to AZ was crazy especially east of the Mississippi Meaning the other drivers on the road. Had to hard stop 4 times leaving lots of rubber from the tag tires.

Not full timing, sold the Newell 3 years ago when we bought our retirement house here in Louisiana. Missed traveling so bought the smaller LazyDaze. Easy to drive, much simpler, but we do miss the Newell.
(11-20-2017, 07:20 PM)Richard Wrote: [ -> ]You shouldn't have gotten bio at any of the big rig places.

Love's is usually about 20% bio in their diesel.
I stay with flying J and pilot. I will have to check the place in Yuma which is under flying J but called Barney's and 78. They have to bays for rv's. I fill up there before I settle for the season and re top off before we head out in April. So I have a lot of their fuel in my tank.
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