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Full Version: In Motion Satellite Dish System
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My situation was different since I did not need in-motion TV. I elected to go with Directv HD Gene receiver which can record five channels at a time and a Mine for the bedroom which has its own controls. This works well since I have Directv in my home and merely move the receiver between the home and RV. Camping World installed the automatic Wineguard HD antenna. I especially like the recording options for movies and the NFL. I would confirm that in-motion TV is HD rather than Standard broadcast. Directv Standard broadcast will not be around for very long, but I know nothing about Dish.
i never used in motion. i installed the rfmogul direct tv system. it is really well built and i like it.

i too have the direct tv genie. i move it between the house and the newell. only thing is i dont get local channels when i am out of the local pencil beam area. no big deal as i stream whatever shows i want off of my home server.

not hard to install.

I have had Direct TV for the last 18 yrs. I have everything under the same contract which includes 7 receivers, 1 genie and 2 mini genies in the Newell and four HD DVR's in my house. With the motorhomes being the main contract I get the east and west coast feeds which give me all the major feeds in my home and M/C. When home I get all the local channels.  I used a [color=#3b3b3b][size=x-large]TRAV'LER DIRECTV SWM SLIMLINE - SK-SWM3. This can be used with the existing cables. I usually have a lot of stuff recorded and that what anyone watches when the coach is in motion. Everything is HD both home and M?C
I have heard that unless congress acts before the end of the year, the law expires that enables Directv to offer New York and LA channels for RV customers.
Hello All,
In my passenger side overhead compartment is the satellite antenna 12vdc on/off power switch.  Does anyone know where the fuse might be located for that circuit?  Have looked both at the passenger foot well and the back closet.

Have looked to see if power has a inline fuse?
You might need to remove the panel/cover the switch is mounted to. 
It could share the OTA TV Power...
It’s could share another circuit that has very little importance to coach operation. Cigarette lighter etc...
Thanks Jeff,
With your suggestions went looking in those areas and found it tied into the compartment light on the passenger side over head compartment.  The switch did have 12vdc coming to it just the light bulb is burned out. 

Now I am off and running with the install of the Roadtrip:-)

I’m working on the roof with removing the existing KVH dish. 

If anyone needs parts for that system just let me know. 

Right now I’m working on the #2 rooftop AC that has condensation running out of the intake vent area inside the coach thus causing a serious conversation with me and the boss :/
Here are a few things I did when installing roof satellite systems. I used the existing penetration for the old system. It’s a little work to clean up the old sealant but why put one more hole in the roof. I also used the existing tie down points for the cabling, but replaced the tie wraps because the UV had killed the old ones.

If your setup is like mine, you will have to pull the ceiling carpet loose in the passenger upper compartment to access where the cabling makes the penetration. 3M spray adhesive works great for putting it back in place.
Has any one pulled their ceiling treatments down to get access to the inside of the roof?  I have to get access to replace some RG58/59 cables.

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