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Full Version: In Motion Satellite Dish System
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Now I will get this post finished....sorry about that!

Well, managed to pull the two new RG6 cables from the roof to inside the coach.  The old RG58/59 cables were ty-wrap to the structure and would not budge.  I had thought about pulling the ceiling down but eliminated that real quick....see Richards post below.  Tried a few other methods and finally got a flexible fiberglass rod.   Punched through the foam and got down to the cabinet over the mid entry door.  Was able to pull two RG6 cables back to the roof without too much trouble.

The old MV3500 antenna was mounted to a flat plate attached to some hat sections that spanned the distance between two ribs.  Resealed those screws and mounted the new antenna to the plate.  Finished all the roof work now off to the interior.

I have to say thanks to Richard for the inspiration to install this myself as opposed to having someone else doing it....I don't think I would have been happy with the results.

You are not going to like the answer. To remove the ceiling treatments, you first remove the plastic laminate stuff. Very carefully, and with a lot of adhesive remover. When you get that out of the way, you will see that Newell stretched the vinyl taut, and used ten million staples to attach. The plastic trim hides all those staples.

Where are you trying to run new cables? Consider the the curved pieces at the outside passenger edge of the ceiling are removable (screws at the bottom). That will get you all the way back to the bedroom. Or if from the sat to a location in the coach, run the cables on the roof.

Personally, taking the ceiling treatment down would be my last alternative.
I pretty much figured that the ceiling was way too much trouble to remove. I have the cable run up to the front and now working on the bedroom by removing the curved ceiling to wall trim along the passenger side of the coach.

There is one thing to note about the Winegard T4 if that is what you are installing. Although you can hook 2 TV's to it only one (which would be your primary) will pick up the signal from the satellite as it tracks. The other tv will not get a signal unless the channel is set the same or close to the same as your primary.
I need to sort out the channels and satellites that provide the programming.
Finally, just finished up the install of our T4 with some final configuration details today.  Compounding the install, I received an antenna that went in-operational on the "primary" channel after setting up the first Wally receiver.  The secondary channel worked great.  Found out from tech support that the secondary channel is a direct connect to the LNB (see Jeff's note above) the Primary channel goes through the brain box within the antenna.  Winegard was very helpful in getting a "return authorization" sent over to Camper World for a replacement.  Once getting the new antenna up and running was a piece of cake:-)  So with the Primary receiver working, off to the set up the secondary receiver...eazy peezy, right....wait for it.....wrong! 

Put the primary receiver aside and installed the secondary in the primary location for setup.  Once powered up could not get past the factory was stuck in a permanent loop that cycled through every few minutes.  I am asking my elf what are the odds???  I never hooked that receiver up to the bad antenna so pretty sure the antenna didn't take it out.  So back to CW for replacement, took a video of the tv screen to show what was going on.   CW replaced it without any issues.  Hooked it up and got to the Dish activation screen with out any trouble....yeah!! 

Couple of notes;  I can't imagine if I went to an online retailer and received these "bad from stock units", what a hassle that would have been.  Second, both Wingard and Dish customer support were outstanding!  Both companies have their respective customer support departments located stateside and have knowledgeable technical support personnel.

Long story short we are up and running:-)

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