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Full Version: Tore out the Aqua hot
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After our last trip we took to WV a few weeks ago, this happened yesterday!  We were only getting hot water for maybe 30 seconds so enough of that.  Now for the challenge of this!

  Determined the mixing valve was bad and this is where we are now.  We are going to completely go through check, repair/replace things!

Making some progress!
It looks to me like your tank has a leak. Mine looked just like that when Newell replaced my tank.

My symptoms were that the coolant level inside the tank would leak down. If the tank is not full of water then the wraps of copper pipe would not be heated and thus the heating capacity was diminished.

I would figure out a way to put some pressure (not more than 16lbs) on the tank and see if it leaks. Your pictures make me think that it will.

If I am right check with Rudy about getting a new tank $$$$$.

Inside parts for the mixing valve are available at Lowe's for under $20....the exact same as from AquaHot at over $140. Also, before you spend $1,000s or you happen to be a "purist",I would dump about 32oz. of black pepper in the

tank. Believe me, it works!
It maybe leaking, we are fixing to check it tonight and will let you know. Jeff is in process of hooking something up to test it.



It is already out! :-)

Pam remember if it's the filler neck there is a fairly simple and cheap fix for that.
Yes, what Forest says. My tank had two leaks. One was in the filler neck and would be easily fixed with a hose and clamps. The other was in the tank body along one corner about half way up on tank. Newell had the tank in stock then but it was several years ago.


Are you talking about the long post on the repair of neck that Bill did back in 2014? I was just reading it!

Would you guys do me a favor while you have the cover off the AH, how many wraps of coil, what is the diameter of the tank, and what is the OD of the coil. I am trying to calculate the volume of water in the hot water coil.

I am scheming on ways to make the hot water last longer.
Are you referring to a leak of fresh water or is the anti freeze that has leaked? My reason for asking is last time we were out I had water dripping but it was fresh water. Also what is the blue tank in the picture it seems to be R O tank? Last question what and where is the mixing valve? Thanks Joe 469
I was talking about a coolant leak. The coolant is inside the tank that is inside the AH box. Jeff had pictures of a corroded tank which is inside AH box. The mixing valve is located behind and under the burner. Either have long fingers and a mirror or remove the burner to gain access.

The blue tank is not involved at all with the AH.

As far as a fresh water leak....I would check the fittings around the burner area.

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