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Full Version: Adding a Second Roof Satellite Receiver
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Good afternoon,

Last year I replaced the original rooftop satellite antenna with a in-motion unit, the Winegard RoadTrip T4 Satellite Antenna. 

It works as expected driving down the road. It works fine stationary on the front, primary tv. While the antenna is designed for two receivers... that’s where the trouble begins. Wife Not Happy trying to watch satellite TV in bedroom. 

So, it’s time to ADD antenna #2... a stationary rooftop unit. 

Winegard RoadTrip T4 Satellite Antenna
Is the problem that both tv's have to be watching channels from  the same satellite? 

If you use DirecTV, get the genie system where you can use up to five tv’s an all watch different channels. You can also record up to five programs at the same time. This is what I have and it works well.
Yes I’m having trouble utilizing both TV receivers on the same channel. It’s hit and miss.

Apparently this post has split and there are two of them... I didn’t realize that until now.

My questions is about the best location and technique to run new wires into the coach.

I assume you have a single satellite going to two tv’s and then are both showing the same channel. Is your satellite a single or dual lib. If it is a dual, you should have two input wires going to two receivers and then onto the tv’s. If it a single, purchase a splitter and install it between the input from the sat to your receiver and connect your cable to each tv to it. This should solve your problem.
The Sat Antenna is capable of using two receivers but the secondary, in theory, can be tuned to networks using the sat the primary receiver is tuning the antenna to.

It’s wacky, that’s why I’m adding a better antenna to be used when we’re parked.
Here’s what I intended to post:
Jeff, I think you have the wrong antenna and receiver. Only one antenna does what you want and it is not over-the-road. Look into the Travler antenna coupled with the Genie receiver and a wireless Genie Mine for the bedroom. The Mine is completely independent and it is also capable of 4K. Camping World sells and installs the antenna and less, not more, wiring is required.
I have the Winegard Traveler T4.
My service is DISH
I have two Walley receivers

In theory, the T4 is capable of supplying two receivers. The T4 can be tuned by one receiver at a time, preferably the primary. I’m using the original 2004 coaxial cable system that Newell installed. I have updated the coax switch controls (roof, yard, front, rear, etc).
Im sure if I called Dish technical help they’d help me program the receivers again to work properly.
When we park I just want a antenna that will be capable of feeding three receivers. The Winegard SK-1000 TRAV’LER RV Satellite TV Antenna will do that.
I tried the in motion Winegard T-4 and was highly dissapointed.The picture would break up while traveling watching TV and it only has one LNB so you have to watch the same channel on both TV's or whatever is on that particular satellite it doesn't connect to all three satellites that are up there at the same time. I switched to the SK-1000 and you can have three tv's on different channels and it works perfect! The only draw back is you can't watch a TV station while traveling but as long as you have internet or a hotspot you can watch Netflix, Amazon prime, etc...

As far as how the cabling enters the coach: You can forget trying to run it through the same area that Newell put the original cables unless you take your ceiling down. I ran mine along with the new HDTV coax and the new digital antenna coax on the surface of the roof to the front and then used a Winegard 4-wire plate to enter it through the roof. The wires come in right above the equipment and was an easy hookup.
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