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Full Version: Rear brakes not building pressure after sitting
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I wanted to take the coach out for a ride today but the rear brake needle shows 0. Dryer pops off as usual. Brake release will release when pushed but obviously rear wheels are locked. What is the next area to check? Check valve on rear tank? If so, I can't get to it without moving the coach forwards as it is parked over dirt. So frustrating. This has been sitting for a couple of months.
Still no joy after 8 hours sitting. What is interesting is that of the two front tanks, one has air and the other does not. I have no idea how Newell plumbed these. Coach is inflated on air bags and everything else is normal. Everything was working last month.
I misread your question. I’d be thinking check valve or dirt in air system as well. Maybe try tapping on the valve or the tank?? I have had the quick air release valve located above the rear axle malfunction and not allow the rear brakes to release. I don’t think that would cause 0 on the gauge though.
PPV valve ( I know redundant) may be stuck. Try tapping on it.
I did replace it but the issue is I can't get to it. My thoughts were the same. I just wish I knew how these were plumbed. I didn't go out there today yet so hopefully it "woke" up.
A Hail Mary move might be to exhaust all the air from the systems, and try to build air again.
I thought of that too. Today I’m cleaning the pool and getting materials for the jobs. Pool needed a good power wash. Arizona water is terrible and our area requires a dump and fill every year. Such a waste of time, money and resources
Looks great.
How do you know what needle is front or back?
On mine the Front charges up and front brakes work. (Sounds). The rear must be the red since that needle is lazy and doesn't want to get up. Also the rear brakes won't release as there is no air in one of the front tanks. It all worked "when parked". Having said that, my next project was to drop the wet tank and go through it replacing the check valve on it and the auto drain. I can't move the coach unless I uncage the rear brakes. At that point it's gonna be a mobile mechanic call.

I did my last Hail Mary by dumping the air. Rear tank and needle are lazy to get up and running.

My ultimate test will be to bring shop air into the rear service port and see if that wakes anyone up.
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