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Fulltime story
So I,  had a flight out one morning early to go watch my middle daughter graduate from Stanford. We were staying at a campground in Shiner, TX at the time. My wife wasn't going so the day before I left I, dumped and flushed the holding tanks. Maybe the valve was open for 10 or 15 minutes max. Anyway the next morning I was up and on my way to the airport in Houston by 5am. About an hour after I got to John Wayne airport in Oakland, California my, wife called frantic saying after her morning bathroom visit she went to the kitchen to start breakfast then was on her way back to the bedroom to get dressed and out of the corner of her eye she, saw a rat in the toilet bowl...Closed the lid so it couldn't get out ran around frantically trying to figure out what to do. Finally grabbed a handful of plastic walmart bags opened the lid reached in grabbed the rat and took him outside. I would have just flushed him and filled the tank half full and drained again. I thought it was pretty funny she, didn't...... Anyway don't leave those valves open for too long as critters do live in sewers..
1992 Newell #288

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