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Generator exhaust relocation

(03-17-2024, 08:11 PM)BusNit Wrote:  I had to relocate the generator exhaust since the previous owner ran over something that crushed the pipe going up through the roof. Their repair was to cut the pipe and do a side exit using the crushed roof pipe bend as an anchoring point with a radiator hose clamp for securement. This worked fine but the pipes and hangers were 30 years old and looked janky. When I removed the air tanks, the exhaust was in the way which hindered tank removal and access to the fittings high above the tanks. I had cut the pipes out of the way to reconfigure them to a side exit behind the driver wheel area. In doing so I finally found out why my generator slide would hang up halfway with a delay before it came speeding out. The generator exhaust sleeve was dented since it sat on the front axle when the bags were deflated. I could not fix the dent since it was right in the center of the pipe so I cut out the damage and welded in a new curved piece. The pipe slides nicely now with no hangups. In the whole process I added V-band clamps to make it easy for exhaust pipe removal should the air tanks need to be removed in the future. Overall, it came out nice. I still need to paint the welds with high heat silver and install a new hanger for the generator sleeve pipe. That pipe had heat wrapping on it. Not sure if I should bother putting it back? Do you guys have any heat insulation wrap on your generator pipe where it exits and goes outside the coach?

Nice work Simon!
Reminds me I need to put a different pipe on my roof vent, its getting water in is and then when I turn on the generator it spits carbon goo on the side of the coach. I am thinking of getting a 90 degree stainless pipe so that its long enough I can make it where it will not get water in it.

Jeff LoGiudice
Temple Terrace, Fl
1984 Bluebird Wanderlodge PT40
1998 Newell 2000 #490
1986 MCI/TMC 102A3 (sold)

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