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Cesana Curved Shower parts list
A HUGE shout out to Tom for coming to my rescue!! I was able to figure out the shower and will breath a sigh of relief when the shower is back together.
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My turn to have a Cesana adventure has come around.  Thanks to all who have gone before for the excellent resources.    Here's the report:
Rough Colorado roads shook loose a number of things, including my shower door secured in the closed position (now I know better.)    We stopped to investigate banging in the back and found the door hanging from the flexible track; the top curved tube was lying in the shower.    Checked in with Newell and    The latter offered the two replacement joints (P/N MRN072298AS,) including shipping from Italy at about half the Newell price.    And they arrived in less than a week.
Removing the stubs of the broken joints required impact as noted.    It took a lot less force after I drilled out the dimples or stakes that secured the splines in the top tubes - see photos.    I tapped and added a 1/4-20" set screw to each side to replace the drilled out stake.  This made the side connections more solid than original.    Fitting the middle curve back between the two joints required "flexing" the sides of the stall.  Nothing was bent or broken, but I wouldn't want to push it any further.    After tightening all fasteners and reinstalling the top monorail, the door functions better than ever.    I suspect the joints had begun to crack long ago, as the door had sagged a bit.

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Cesana shower door Parts are still available in the United States call 410-641-5004 ask for Pam

Also they have a limited amount of replacement shower doors that no longer exist anywhere

Plus recently remanufacture bottom door clips to secure door from swinging out

Make sure you mention seeing this on Newell Coach 

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When these parts are gone maybe someone could print the plastic parts with a 3D printer?
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Wow, some great info here! I have a Country Coach Lexa that has the same shower, and same issues, I hope it's ok if a non (Yet!) Newell owner takes advantage of all your expertise!

Before I snap the joints by trying to push up my sagging middle bar, I can't quite tell if the joints have an adjustment screw - in CKNuth's great pictures in Post #52, I see a Phillips head screw in the joints at (image 10 of 14), that I think might be accessible through the plug in the center round piece. Does that adjust the 'tension' of the center piece at all, or is it a fixed location?

From the pics, it looks like that Phillips screw might replace the Allen screw in older/original versions, is that the adjuster that some have tried (to varying success)? Such as in the comment by bikestuff in Post #7 "There are adjustment screws at the top of door inside the little round thingy. (Look at Tom's document at top of thread for instructions)." and I'm not quite sure which screw and round thingy is being referred to, is it the Allen screw (that might now be Phillips on replacement joints)?

I figured I'd try this before trying Chester Stone's 2x4 and jack in post #8, given the # of broken joints I've seen on this thread :-)  Chester, did you hang the 2x4 below the center piece from the two ends, and jack the middle up using the two ends? (ie. ratchet straps at the ends, a little slack at first, then tightening?) I'm trying to picture exactly how you did this.


there is no adjustment screw. i took mine totally apart and was able to bend it slightly to be back in place. those joints are cast and seem to be fairly brittle.

you are more than welcome here on the gurus forum.

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