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TPMS which one?
Ummm Mike is a great guy... but not me.. I'm Rick Wink

I am in the process of choosing a TPMS right now.. so many options. And frankly some of them are overly pricey for what they so. I did a review of a great little system, the WHistler Tire Scout. Worked great and still does in my 1/2 scale RV, but wouldn't work in the Newell. Not enough sensors by a mile and the range is iffy at best. Add in the aluminum structure and I'd wager no signal would ever make it to the receiver. All that being said, it was inexpensive and showed ALL tires and temps simultaneously. Haven't been able to find one that does that yet.

Ideally, I'd really like to have it for the trip back across the country.... safety first!
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The Tire Minder has a signal booster that seems to work . I mounted it under the trailer hitch , and get a good signal from the 28 ft trailer . That said , I haven't towed trailer since adding the TPMS.
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Rick, not trying to sell you on anything.

I have been using EEZ Tire for about 5 years now with no issues. I do have a repeater mounted in the rear closet or the toad sensors don’t reach. I have replaced the batteries once in 5 years.

I also instantly removed the anti theft thingies.

And I had metal stems installed on the toad.

On two different occasions it has alerted me to a leaking tire.
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I have used the https:o// for the last 15 years on 3 different Newell. I am still using then on my cars that I track to monitor the heat and temp that build in the tires when under track uses. They have save me in many occasions. We use on the MC and tacker trailer and would not operate with out this info.
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