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Google Nik photo tools free!

Google is making the Nik photo tools suite free for Mac & Windows computers.

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This is a classic good news/bad news story. On one hand these amazing filters and tools are now free. But the word is that we will not get anymore updates. When OS X 10.12 is deployed in June (expected)....some of the tools may cease to function. Eventually the entire suite may fail to work.

I have been using Nik tools since they were first published....years before Google bought them and the "team". As I feared then, Google was just buying talent and did not care about the "team" or the product. Now my fears have been realized.

I think I may be turning into a grouchy old man. First Adobe put all their tools in the "cloud". (I refused to be assimilated and have continued to use the older live-on-my-machine tools). Now Google has essentially killed Nik. I am beginning to feel like an antique using antique tools.

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Perhaps "an old world master craftsman" Bill?

I downloaded the program and it installed as a plugin to my Photoshop program. Hopefully it will do some things that Photoshop does not do. Note that the latest updates to Photoshop and Microsoft Word are now in the clouds and require monthly fees. I will stay with the old as long as they work.

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