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front window

It's hard for me to believe it's been this long.......just about 2 years ago I had both sides of my windshield replaced while at Quartzite. The left side had cracked due to a rock strike, and the right side had serious pitting. The left side had also begun to pop out over the last year, or so, but I had been able to massage it back into place. The guys who replaced the windshields used an adhesive and told me not to move the coach for 48 hours after installation. I have not had an issue since.

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Reviving this thread, (Windshield gasket separation)

Hi all,

Yesterday, while giving 300 a well-deserved bath and wax job, I noticed some separation between the passenger side windshield gasket (outer edge) and the frame. I then checked the driver's side and found a similar issue, but not so minor that I probably would have missed it if I hadn't found it on the other side. I don't know how long it has been this way. Maybe since I picked up the coach in 2020. I have washed it multiple times and never noticed it but maybe I just got lucky yesterday.

I guess I am not the lone ranger on topic so I would like to ask for some guidance from those that may have experienced this. I have included pics of the passenger side separation. My windshields are in pretty good shape, with a few minor chips that have been repaired but generally speaking, the gasket is old and pretty weathered. Should I just order a new gasket from Newell and have a local shop install it with the existing glass or do I should I replace the windshields too? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Tony, it is hard to tell in the photo if the gasket has split into two pieces OR someone in the past sealed the gasket to the coach body.

I cannot tell if there is a locking strip in the middle of the gasket. If there is not, then that may not be the original gasket.

Do you have air or water coming into the coach?

Can you take some closeups of the gasket with different lighting?

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It kind of looks like the "lacing" strip is partly missing to me. A mobile glass repair should be able to take of it if that's the problem. Or you can drive to a glass shop for their opinion.

It's difficult to determine what caused that gap. I had a local body shop replace the windshields in my 1978 Newell. There was enough difference in the glass between 1978 and 1998 that the glass didn't fit correctly. We had to trim the opening to get it to set in.
I had a local shop that specializes in MH windshields replace the windshields on 316 a few yrs ago. I had Newell ship the glass and the gasket to the shop. They used a specific adhesive to bond the gasket to the body of the coach. Once everything was in place they let the coach set for 24 hours before I could drive it home. They fit perfectly and have held up well.
Yours may have been replaced and not installed properly. Does the glass set "proud" of the coach body? If the coach experienced extreme torsional stress that could cause fitment issues especially if the gasket is deteriorated. If you choose to have just the gaskets replaced it would be wise to check new glass availability, (just in case!!) Some automotive glass is hard to source due to "supply chain issues".

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