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Dash Transmission Check Light

(08-21-2017, 08:50 AM)77newell Wrote:  The DDEC Over idea switch is only connected to the engine ECU (electronic control unit) and has nothing to do with the trasmission. It operates as described above.

The "transmission check light" and "transmission check switch" operate as follows (I believe and will verify as soon as the manual shows up). When the ignition switch is turned on, the light on the dash and the light on the upper right corner of the control pad flash a few times so you can see the lights work. The lights then remain off until some problem is detected by the transmission ECU which then turns on the CK TRAMSMISSION light. When you then push the CK TRANSMISSION switch up you will see the light flashing a number of flashes that represent the number of the error code detected. For instance 2 flashes, pause, 1 flash is code 21, which is that the throttle position sensor input to the ECU has a problem. There are sub-code flashes that will tell you if the signal is too, too low or nonexistent.

An online search will find you a page listing the meanings of the various codes.

Thank you.

Nice work, Jon!

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