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Dyson Vacuums

I got a great Xmas present from my wife and 2 daughters: a Dyson DC44 cordless vacuum for the Newell.

It is awesome! It only weighs 5 pounds and has a docking station so it is charging while it is stowed away.

I know it's not cool to get excited about vacuum cleaners but this thing is really a great little vacuum. Most cordless vacuums are small and don't have a rotating brush at the head; this one does! And it has good suction power.

Google Dyson vacuums and click on the DC 44 Animal Cordless vacuum.

Tuga & Karen Gaidry

2005 Honda Pilot

looks really cool. do you have a central vac in your newell? i have to say the one in ours is much stronger than i expected it to be

dyson is not only a good product but they have an amazing marketing machine


2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH



No we don't have the central vacuum in this Newell. We used to carry a full size vacuum cleaner; but I found the cord to be a pain.

This Dyson has a vacuum head with beater brushes that is about 8" wide so it is easy to get in small places like in front of the driver's seat and under the dinette table. It really picks up every spec of dirt.

Not having the cord is so cool. Big Grin

Tuga & Karen Gaidry

2005 Honda Pilot

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