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gage oil pressure

How to change out Oil Pressure gage
Hi Guru's

I need information on how to change out the oil pressure gauge  on my 1998 Newell Coach.

It pegs out when key is turned on and engine not running.

I disconnected the gauge from the sending unit and turned on the key again and the oil pressure gauge still pegged out. So it's not the sending unit.

I may be assuming incorrectly but I think it is the gauge.

Any suggestions and can one buy one other than from Newell.

CD & Natania
1998 M45 Newell Coach
500 Detroit Series 60
2018 RAV4 on a Tow Dolly
nothing special about oil pressure gauges. yours is probably a VDO. i would just take the one out you have and get the part number off the back of it.

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

Pay attention to both the style and the full range on the original guage when you order one. You want the range to be the same so it plays well with your oil pressure sender on the engine.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )
Thanks Amigo's

My question is how does one go about changing the gauge out.

Does the cover screw off the front are bolts in back hold it on etc.

Is their a video I can go to that will show me?

CD & Natania
1998 M45 Newell Coach
500 Detroit Series 60
2018 RAV4 on a Tow Dolly
They are all attached/removed from the inside of the dash. The older gauges had a U shaped bracket held onto the gauge by a couple of thumb screws. Some of the newer gauges use a threaded housing which screws onto the gauge from the rear. Open up the dash, note where the wires go (it is easy to forget). Remove the rear housing or screws and bracket, and slide the gauge out the face of the dash. Place the new gauge in from the dash face side, slide the wires through the hole in the rear of the housing, attach the wires to the correct locations, thread the housing down tight, reattach the dash. Easy to say but space is limited and the number of wires inside the dash can be overwhelming if you haven't looked inside before. Most oil pressure gauges have 4 wires, a power lead, a signal lead, a ground and a wire from the light switch to illuminate the gauge when the coach parking/headlights are turning on.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
Does it read out to what you would consider a normal pressure when the engine is running, or just stay "pegged out" .

Don't rule out a grounding issue before you start changing parts.

I don't know your dash design as our coach is an 84. On this model it is much easier to go up around the steering column, loosen the gauges and leave the dash in tact,
Good luck with you project

Guy & Sue
1984 Classic 40' #59
Access the gauge through the top of the dash which gives you access to the rear of the gauges. Top dash piece is held on with christmas tree style clips that pull straight up to remove, plus there are 2 or 3 on the front of the dash.
Steve Bare
1999 Newell 2 slide #531

Guage just lets out the moment key is turned on.  As I stated before i removed the wire connection from the oil pressure sensor on engine and the guage still pegs out so I feel it's not the engine sensor.  

I'm reading 6 volts on wire from sensor even when not hooked up.   

I have verified good ground connection.

My next issue is fuel guage. Works and don't works. Reads all over the place.

Thanks for input thus far.
CD & Natania
1998 M45 Newell Coach
500 Detroit Series 60
2018 RAV4 on a Tow Dolly
Most sensors work on the basis of change in resistance rather than voltage.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
First question I will ask is are you sure you unplugged the oil sensor. The reason I ask is because it is a bear to get to. Located on drivers side about the middle of the engine.
Next, have you checked for the sensor wire to be grounded making the gauge read high. The oil pressure wiring junctions at the panel on the back wall inside the p/s engine door. Use a meter or test light and test for a grounded wire. The wiring should be labeled for the oil sender. I think it is the #1 wiring. See what wires are the same color as the wiring you unplugged.
As far as the guage goes, you should be able to remove it by reaching under the dash and unscrewing the back side of the gauge. Gauge will lift out with wires intact. 10 minute job.
Bottom line is if gauge is grounded, it will peg out. If wiring to sender is not gounded, you need a gauge.
Phil & Sharon
1999 511  41.5

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