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9004 headlights

LED headlights
Just completed replacing our four #9004 halogen headlight lamps with Super Bright #9004-HLV5 LED lights. They look to be twice as bright
and don't cause the dash mounted voltmeter to indicate in the red when the headlights are on. Our 1991 #277 coach has Ford truck headlights and turn signal housings.

In order to mount the new LED lights, you must trim the plastic headlamp retaining to a maximum width of 0.9125". Remember to trim the back of the retaining ring. The narrower ring allows clearance from the LED cooling fins. I trimmed mine on a circular saw very carefully!

Also, if you need to replace a front turn signal socket, a NAPA # 787131 part is an exact replacement.

Happy camping!
Thanks for the report Danny, I recently cleaned up my Hella H1 halogens, and they're getting good voltage, but I'd like to go further and replace the halogen with LED in those fixtures. Can you share your vendor? I'm finding a number of H1 LEDs on-line, but the price and apparent quality is all over the map - need solid advice.
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Dear Chuck, I order all my LEDs including the headlights from Super Bright LEDs. ( )

The prices are the best I've found, their shipping is fast and they've been very good about any warranties.

All the best,

interesting chart on bulbs and ratings

they have led ratings on one of the tabs as well

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

Chuck, what is good voltage? Anything less than 13.5 at the light results in poor output with halogen bulbs.
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I ordered new housings and the Hikari's. The housings arent available with refectors designed for the LED's, but the results are stunning. I didn't change the inside sets out but I think after looking at the chart I will get them and order the lumibrights. I've got 13.5 volts at the connector. I installed prior to my trip on July 4th to the Blue Ridge and can't live without them now.
Steve Magown
West Monroe, LA
1997 Newell #458

That's an excellent site for bulbs, is there a comparable site for the full replacement headlights for the clasics?
Jon & Chris Everton
1986 40' Dog House #86
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I've been searching for a comparison of LED replacements for 4x6 sealed beam headlights without any luck, but found these on Amazon for $160 for all 4, substantially less expensive than others I've seen. They have good ratings with the buyers, anybody familiar with them that can add additional insight?

LED truck lights

Jon & Chris Everton
1986 40' Dog House #86
450 hp ISM 5 spd ZF Ecomat 2
About 10 days ago we left the Oregon Coast for a five day drive down to Wittmann to visit Tom and Darlene, and to work on a few projects.  We were late getting away form the RV park due to a flat tire (inside left rear...why is it always the inside tire).  As a result we ended up driving at night for about 2 hours.....something I rarely, if ever, do.  I was disappointed all over again in how terrible the sealed beam Sylvannia headlights (low and high beam) are.  Upon our arrival in Wittmann I immediately ordered the LED headlights Jon Everton referenced in his 11/22/2020 post from Amazon at a cost of $136 for all four.  They arrived a couple days later, and I quickly installed them.  The results were startling, to say the least.  I waited until about 9 pm that night to turn them on, and could not believe how much better they are.....better perhaps by a factor of 5.  Here are the pictures of the low beams......


....and here is the picture with high beams on......


....I am now a believer.  These 4" x 6" LED's are a perfect fit, and if you have a Newell Classic with four headlights these will work perfectly, and make night time driving a little more pleasant!  I still do not plan to do much night driving, but at least now I'll know I can see what's in front of me if the need arises.

Clarke and Elaine Hockwald
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Clarke, many thanks!

Thank you for having the confidence in my research to actually spend the money to buy a product that to my knowledge no other Newell owner has tried yet. Having a Genuine Newell Gurus Certified Product Tester endorse a product means a lot.

There are a lot of posts on this site dealing with headlights. I think that combining all the 'tricks' and 'tips' (like wiring for relays at the headlights with the actual headlight switch to only activate the relays instead of passing all the amps through it) and products endorsed by Genuine Newell Gurus Certified Product Testers in an easy to find place would be an enhancement to this awesome site.

One question on how you wired your installation, are you using all 4 headlights on low beam?
Jon & Chris Everton
1986 40' Dog House #86
450 hp ISM 5 spd ZF Ecomat 2

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