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Merry Christmas 2020
I am grateful for all the members of NewellGurus, the administrators and to our founders Tom and Darlene. Together, you have built a platform to enrich each other's knowledge, to develop meaningful relationships with one another and to enjoy traveling throughout the U.S. and other countries represented by the memberships of this site.

This has been a tough year for many of us, with lockdowns, businesses closing, some permanently, deaths and hospitalizations and personal losses. But we are resilient and I for one am looking forward to what 2021 will bring. 

Today is a day of joy and celebration. To over 2 Billion people, today represents the ultimate gift of Jesus Christ. I hope that to everyone, it represents a day of joy and friendship, a day of appreciation for the many wonders that surround us, and a day of togetherness, even if only by Zoom or Skype or Facetime. Today is a day of peace and love.

Please rejoice with Georgia and I. You have each contributed to a community that puts others first and pride last. That is a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel, Fröhliche Weihnachten, Boun Natale, Счастливого Рождества, メリークリスマス
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
The Newell Gurus exemplify the Holy Spirit.  God bless you all.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
Sandy and Bob McBratney
2007 Newell #1202  "Boomer"
words are empty compared to my feelings about the christmas season and my relationship with the saviour.

on top of that it is also hard for me to express how i feel about the family like friends that darlene and i have made since starting newellgurus 8 years ago. many of you have been to our home or us to yours. and i hope many more can visit us this coming year.

newellgurus has become part of our life and a very important part.

darlene and i are celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary in cancun with our daughter laura and her family. it has been delightful. and on top of that extremely covid sensitive. more than i have witnessed in arizona.

merry christmas and our love and blessings to each of you

tom and darlene mccloud
2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

Grateful today for many things but most importantly That our great creator God our Father loves us beyond human comprehension to the point he gave his son for all his people. Amy my wife and i had been looking for Newell handicap accessible with slides to replace our 91 non slide coach for the last 8 years and finally as God would have it the coach #707 found us and thats a long story lol! To my point i am so thankful for all of you here who contribute as it has helped educate me as i am not a natural when it comes to mechanically inclinded but when led by a map and tid bits of information i can sometimes get it done lol! All the information has also given me a heads up on all the issues you have to deal with on a coach with slides and more air stuff than one could imagine. God also gave me a brother in east tennesse thats runs a Detroit allison shop for the last 35 years and is great with keeping me chassis wise up to date and off the side of the road. Enough rambling so again thanks to all you guys and there are many of you. Merry Christmas and Happy New year! Special Thanks to Michael, Tom, Richard and so many other that constantly contribute and to God our father from whom all blessings flow!
Robert Austin 2004 model 460 #707 46’ 10”
It is wonderful to live in this country to have so many things we take for granted and it blesses my heart to read all these comments of life and giving and love from these families .We also have high hopes and look forward to 2021. We have the faith that no matter what the world brings the God we serve will carry us thru. Thank you Jesus for giving us hope .God Bless All of You!
ACR 502 1998 newell double slide 
Merry Christmas to our Newell family scattered far and wide. This year has been one of reflection for us. We have been living and traveling full time in our 1982 Newell for almost 10 years now. During that time we have met many of you, and stayed at many of your homes. Tom and Darlene gave us refuge on their property for two months right at the beginning of the pandemic, and we were able to share Passover with them, as well as the death of my mother. I will forever be grateful for the comfort they gave to us during that time. We feel extremely blessed to know each and everyone of you, and to have shared our faith with you. God bless you all with good health, happiness, and family wherever you may be. Elaine and I cannot imagine our lives without all of you in it.

Clarke and Elaine Hockwald
1982 Newell Classic, 36', 6V92 TA
2001 VW Beetle Turbo
Cannondale Tandem
Cannondale Bad Boy
Merry Christmas. I too count my Newellguru friends among life's many Blessings. It's good to come here and interact with friends all over the country who share similar values! I'm praying for God's Blessings on each one of you!!!!

Congratulations to you, Tom and Darlene!!! It goes fast when you're having fun!
1993 Newell 45' 8V92,towing an Imperial open trailer. FMCA#232958 '67 Airstream Overlander 27' '67GTO,'76TransAm,'52Chevy panel, 2000 Corvette "Lingenfelter"modified, '17 Grand Cherokee.

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