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ceiling interior

Salon Ceiling Re-Attachment
After reviewing the Interior threads, I must conclude that this is the first time my problem has occurred to anyone.  

Whilst finally switching out the halogen for LED lamps in the main part of the salon ceiling, I discovered that the whole mirrored plexiglas oval panel is loose.    It would have fallen by now except for hanging by the wires of its 8 lights.    Through the 1" gap on one side, I see that the grey adhesive has simply let go.    There's no evidence of a water leak or other damage.

Looking for an acceptable shortcut here.   I'm hoping not to disassemble the whole ceiling, remove adhesive, reapply, shore it up to dry, re-install lighting, etc.    Is this a job for adhesive/liquid nails, or is there a double-stick foam tape that's up to the job?     Part of the challenge is that even the very center of this panel is loose, and that's almost three feet from the accessible edge.

I'm tempted to use fasteners with gold plastic caps, aesthetically arranged.    Has anyone cracked the code?    Thanks!

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I'm interested in this repair as well. I expect I may need to on a smaller scale in the bedroom.
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If I use adhesive or tape, the crux probably will be "borrowing" a forest of expandable shower rods to shore it up. Any idea what the factory used for adhesive?

Despite failing after 20 years, is it still the best to use? Or something else? The ceiling above the plexiglas appears to be the backside of untempered masonite. And the top of the plexiglas is a little dusty - hard to get it clean, so whatever one uses needs to be wet and aggressive.
2001 #579 ("Chester's Coach")
as for 2 sided tape, the 3m trim tape for putting trim on cars is incredible. but, it needs to be pushed on evenly in my experience.

the other thing is that ceiling may be more brittle than when it was new. the one in my bedroom has several cracks in it.

is the plastic glued to a masonite piece and then that is glued to the ceiling? drilling the old plastic to put fasteners in i would suspect will result in some cracks. but you wouldnt know until you do it.

if all that is holding it in is the 8 puck lights, i would probably just take it down and put it back up after you have really sized it up and figured out what will hold it the best. adhesive or tape. the nice thing about the tape is it is immediate. no propping up. you would just need to have 3 people or so to help do it.

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I would go another route. Remove the ceiling, if stuck use spray 3M adhesive remover to gently get it to release. Get it down and clean up any obvious globs, but not necessary clean both mating surfaces to brand new. Just get the high points out of the way. Spray them both with 3M high tack trim adhesive, the stuff auto folks use for roof liner. Get a helper for putting it back up cause once it sticks, you are not moving it. No shower rods are braces needed. But it better be where you want it when you stick it.
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i agree with richard. it would be cheaper and easier than the trim tape.

i have put other ceiling pieces that i have totally replace up with contact type cement, but i would use the 3m spray adhesive next time.

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

Just finished a satisfactory fix.    Desiring a direct mechanical solution, I made my own toggle bolts to support the nine puck lights, which in turn support the ceiling.    Drilled through each fixture and assembled hangers as shown in the pix.    Before drawing the assembly up to original height, added 3M VHB tape to all accessible gaps around the sagging plexi.    After the fixtures were all up tight, the gap at the edge was less than 1/2” and the double stick tape held easily.

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Great solution!!!!!
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )
While this discussion appears nearly closed, I'll quickly throw in another tape that should not be underestimated...CARPET TAPE!
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Good point, Tony. I had carpet tape standing by. In this case, the existing (failed) adhesives were thicker than carpet tape; since I didn't want to take down the ceiling and remove all that, I used the 3M tape that's about the right thickness. Thanks!
2001 #579 ("Chester's Coach")

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