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starlink internet

i live in the boonies.  no cabletv,  there is phone but my dsl before i switched was in the 1-2mb

i have tried two different point to point wireless.  the latest one is erratic.  but useable.  but speeds in peak times are 5mb give or take.  i pay for 50.  

many months ago i signed up for starlink several months ago they said it would be avail in my area by the end of 2021.  i paid my 99 dollar deposit and assumed it would be later this year.   several weeks ago they said pay the other 480 bucks and it is coming my way.  i did and it did.  it came yesterday.  bad timing....i had a knee replaced 3 weeks ago and am still not very mobile.  but with the help of darlene and a friend we did a temp install to try it out.  btw,  i am a very connected home with nearly 40 devices using the interweb

they have an app on your phone to help pick a spot.  so we did.  and it comes with a tripod that sets on the ground and the dish is a foot or so off the ground.  

here are some results this morning.  more to follow as i am headed off to PT

there is an app on the phone that gives reliability.  up time, obstruction time, down time etc.  later today when it has had enough time to gather data i will post it.  btw,  i watched streaming shows with no pauses last nite.  that doesnt happen with my point to point.  

topology is....for the first test (140 d 40 up)

laptop to ubiquity on ceiling in family room

ubiquity to 16 port switch in garage by network panel (i just installed the switch)

switch to starlink router aux port (has one 1gb port)

topology is    for the other one   (240d and 17u)

is laptop direct connect to wifi of the starlink router.    still all the other stuff connected to switch.  

later today i will try a cable directly from my laptop to the aux port of the starlink router.


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Impressive numbers! I have CenturyLink DSL, paying for 20 Mbps and getting 7.8 Mbps down, 1.5 Mbps up. Fortunately, we have TDS Fiber Internet being installed in our neighborhood and expected to be active this fall. Couldn't come at a better time, we've been experiencing outages now that we never did before.

The FCC is currently doing a speed test for its database to improve broadband data nationally.

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Tom I hope we are as lucky as you with the performance in our area in rural Alabama.  Starlink is not available yet where we live but like you I signed up with hopes that it will be available this summer as advertised.

Thanks for the report and hope your new knee settles down so you can enjoy walking again.

Take care and stay healthy,

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