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Electrical Panel Issue Coach 428
My electrical gauges don't seem to be reading L1 and L2 correctly, see attached photo.  I have the coach plugged into a 240V 50amp power and the the Surge Protector/Power Management System show both L1 & L2 getting 120V and 50amps with no errors. However my gauges in the coach don't light up L2 or show the proper voltage.  Everything seems to be working, but this has been a constant since I purchase the coach a few years ago.  I put six new AGM house batteries in last year. Any suggestions as to why?

Hi Jerry,

Try again on posting the picture.

What voltage is showing on L1 and L2?

Do you show amperage use on L1 and L2?

Has this been an issue as long as you have owned the coach, or is this something new?

Do you have power to all your outlets? And do the Air Conditioners work?

The batteries have nothing to do with this.

Sorry for the simple questions, trying to narrow down the exact problem before we dig into the wiring.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
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It’s been that way since I owned it. No problems and everything works on the coach. It does show some very low numbers on L2, but the red L2 light is not on. L1looks perfect, 120 ac volts 13+ DC volts and 2amps but not much on. I will send another picture, but I have had this coach went through and all works.
Very low numbers as in 0, or something higher than 0 but less than 120. I am trying to figure out if you have an open circuit, and something else.

Those lights burn out. Use search engine on this site, and you will find replacements. Careful when replacing, they are 120V.

Let’s talk about how those meters and lights get their source. If your coach is like mine, and I suspect it is very similar, the source is in the electrical panel in the rear. If you remove the cover, you will see the bundle of wires as I picture in the bottom. Each of the two feeds has a fuse. Of course the fuse must be checked.

Second you can see that the source is the two small red wires in the picture that are Siamesed into the each leg of the main circuit breaker.


This would be a good place to check that the beginning end of the circuit is getting 120. If all is good there then pull the panel where the meters and lights are located and check there for 120. Of course you will be working with live 120, and if you are not comfortable and confident then please enlist the help of an electrical guru to help you.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )
Ditto on what Richard said. My coach had two of the indicator lights out when I bought it. Also one of the volt meters read 0V and one of the ammeters read 0 amps. I ended up replacing the indicator lamps and since the meters are no longer available, I had the entire panel rebuilt at Newell. I Used new Blue Sea Systems meters. It has all worked since then.
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I took another picture, hope it looks better. The coach was recently plugged in and the volt meter on the L1 is running a little over 13 now that they are charged. Everything on this coach works, both AC units redone, new alternator, ect. I will get in and find the wires in see if the fuse is burnt and then maybe wait to get someone with more electrical knowledge to check it our if I can't see anything wrong. [ampl][/ampl]

Here is another picture

Maybe this picture is easier to see.

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Wow, went back and found circuit breaker 3 off, which is the middle air conditioner.  Thought I only had two AC units, this is a 38 foot coach and the mechanic said he sent both circuit boards and compressors in to get fixed last year.  I turned on ACs and working, so not sure why breaker 3 was kick off and need to watch. The electric gauges are all working, L-1 and L-2 lighted and shows 120v ac on L-2.   Richard and Bill, I owe you a drink if we ever meet up, really appreciate your advice.  See new picture.



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It was a circuit breaker that kicked off and the fuses in back look good.  Thanks again.

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Glad you got your issue fixed Jerry. Now you know if the gauge goes out again which breaker to check.
Michael Day
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Yes and so far it is working fine. Thanks again.


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