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Furnace Intake Fan
Morning everyone, seems theres a rumbling under the stairs when the aquahot furnance is on. Looks like the air intake is pulled from under the stairs to feed air to the furnace. Have not found anyone discussing replacment or repair of this air intake fan. Any advise? Might be due to under use from the old owner, will run for a bit to see if the fan noise goes down. Thanks everyone!!!

Jesse White 2001 Coach #582
I think i found the answer in the vdo pm393 fan blower. Might need some help when we get settled in Alaska replacing it!

the only blower fan other than whisper ones on my coach for the aquahot is the plenum that services the front salon and dash vents. it is in the bay next to the door between the door and the front wheels. i have replaced it once myself.

under the steps on mine is the air return for the air conditioners and it is totally separate from the aquahot

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

Does this occur when the diesel burner on the aquahot is running? Could be a vibration from the Webasto burner.
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Thanks Tom/ Forest, we are crossing the Canadian border today and will try to run the furnace only on electric to see if its the burner around Calgery tonight but I have a feeling its the plenum feeding the living room. We have 4 Rooftop Airs on ours so the location for the plenum seems to be directly behind the stairs, strange location considering the extra space. I'll try to take a couple of pictures to confirm that the rumbling box is indeed housing the plenum.

Jesse White Coach #582
In Alaska now! It seems it is the plenum motor, it only produces the rumbling when the fan selector switch behind the passenger chair is on high. On low it is almost silent. Ill go ahead and order the motor since it cant be a good sign that it rumbles on high, the heating system needs to be top notch this winter!

Jesse White 2001 Newell Coach #582

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