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BE Carefull with items in engine compartment!!
So when I purchased the Newell the seller had a bag in the engine compartment with some septic hoses and attachments inside.  The bag was somewhat like a tarp material.  I drove it home about 1000 miles with it.  I kind thought it was not the best idea but trusted him and his judgement.  Well, I left out a month ago for an adventure.  I made it 10 miles and the engine lights came on and I looked and the temps were climbing.  It shut itself off like it was supposed to do.  I was lucky enough to have a small area off the interstate to pull off.  I didn't have to use the "override' function.  I went to investigate and found the bad got caught in the engine cooling fan!!  It took out 3-4 blades and luckily did no damage to the radiator.  Hindsight, it was a bad idea to keep anything, much less anything not secure back there.  Not blaming the previous owner, he must have driven smoother than I and had no problems.  I must have hit the right bump and did the Dukes of Hazzard routine...without the cool horn.

The next part of the story...trying to figure out the replacement cooling fan.  These are not a "general" item.  I called Newell and they referred us to their engine supplier.  He said they just install what Newell sends them and he would try to find out.  He was a nice guy but we never heard from him again.  We called several 18 wheeler places, Napa, etc.  We had friend that brought one.  We installed it and I cranked and my friend said it looked good.  It had a little smaller diameter and 7 blades instead of 9.  We continued our trip and were driving at night.  The temps were a little higher than before but we were in Texas.  Once I made it to the destination, I continued the process of trying to find the exact replacement.  I contacted the Detroit Diesel approved shop that overhauled the engine a few years back. They sold off their service part of the business but thought they may have some paper records.  I emailed him the info and he was to get back a few days latter.  Never heard from him either.  I called many different places and finally came across 4 State Trucks.  Their service and price was excellent.  I ordered a new one based on dimensions and measurements, etc.  It arrived and I installed it (after removing the air filter, oil servicing remote handle, upper shroud, etc).  I then asked someone else to start it for me.  Then I realized it was turning in the wrong direction.  SO, I removed it and was able to return it.  Then I realized the 8V92 takes a counter-clockwise fan.  This is not easy to find.  I contacted Morgan at Newell again he he wasnt sure and sent a picture of one that looked close.  I traveled in person to a few 18 wheeler stores and finally the 4 State Truck Store customer support recommended  They are not cheap but they are good with their customer service.  There are some specific and exact measurements that need to be taken (like 2 versus 2.05 inch pilot hole).  I  just installed another one last night, it is missing a 7/8 inch spacer/block.  It has been an interesting time searching for a cooling fan.  While it was removed, I did clean the radiator from the inside.  Lesson learned, make sure to use a caliper to check the measurements and maybe even try to get a part number of the existing one (they normally wear off quickly).  When you give kit masters the measurements, they generate the correct part number and when you order, they custom make one for you.
1990 Newell #234
there is another guru on the forum that went through similar things on finding a fan for the series 60 in his.

what a pain. glad you are getting it figured out.

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

Thanks Tom, it has been quite an experience but I have learned some great things along the way!
1990 Newell #234

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