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Lower Trim
I have a small piece of trim missing from the Passenger side, in front of the drive wheel arch.

Is this something I can find or is it Newell only? I can easily fix the arch itself, it's just fiberglass, but the trim looks more onerous.

See below:

Thank you!

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Rick Miller
1996, 45'+, non-slide
that little piece is an extension of the fiberglass. the aluminum trim starts with the piece you pictured.

i am guessing the only thing newell is going to sell is the complete wheel well piece and hang on to your hat for that price

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You have to hang on to your hat with most of the stuff you get from Newell! LOL,LOL
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The rectangular piece is the aluminum one, right? I am repairing the fiberglass wheel arch. That's easy. Any idea where Newell sources the aluminum extrusion?

I have been getting price quotes from newell... they base EVERYTHING on labor hours. Some of them seem a tad high, hours-wise. But overall it's very pricey for everything I have asked for. Markup on many parts isn't that bad, but custom stuff is charged as if you just purchased a 2 million dollar coach. It is what it is. It's also exactly why Newellgurus is so invaluable. sharing information is the best way to reduce costs and keep these coaches on the road.
Be seeing you,

Rick Miller
1996, 45'+, non-slide
That "rectangular piece" was an extension of the fiberglass piece. An experienced fiberglass guy could take a mold of the aluminum extrusion and bond that onto the fiberglass flare. Look at the fender extension on the other side to see how it flows into the aluminum extrusion. The last word I heard is that Newell no longer stocks those fender extensions.
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