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Bluefire with Custom cable!
So, I was going to install a typical Silverleaf system, but I really wanted to NOT have so many cables to deal with and I wanted a bit more OS Android. I have quite a few extra Asus Tranformer TF700's to use and they work great.

I ordered a Bluefire from (if you want APPLE OS compatible you will need -->

Then I had a special cable made up by The owner is Ken Siebert and he was EXTREMELY helpful. The cable from goes from the 12-pin ALDL (Daewoo) style connector in our Newells (J1708) to a 9-pin Deutsch that would accept the BlueFire dongle.

The adapter cable was around 40.USD. That was all I needed. The Bluefire Dongle and the cable.

I setup the software and installed the dongle in my front console I removed the dash connector and reinstalled in UNDER the dash pad on the left side and ran the Bluefire dongle through a hold so it sticks out into my console interior. That wasy I can see the lights on it for diagnostics is something ever goes wrong.

Connected it to my Android laptop via bluetooth and Voila! Lots of information to play with at my fingertips. Worked flawlessly on the 2000+ mile trip from Albuquerque to New York.

I am working on custom Dash presentations's very customizable, but worked right out of the box.

I will add some photos when I can
Be seeing you,

Rick Miller
1996, 45'+, non-slide
interested to see what screens you have come up with. very cool

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

Thanks for the writeup on this Rick. You're now also in charge of designing the best dashboard. Have you given any thought to going purely digital dash like Roger did on #588 or are you planning to keep the traditional gauges as well?
I'll get a few photos of my current config. I haven't done much past the stock Dash, but I will be modifying the one I have. At least to add a Newell Logo Smile
Be seeing you,

Rick Miller
1996, 45'+, non-slide

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